i want your style

Damn ,I want everything she's got!
chambray shirt: check
high waist perfectly belted trousers: check
sweet combo of socks and tall ass clog/sandals: check check check

some girls have all the luck...
(photo cred The Sartorialist via Lulu Letty)



I'm alive! Ha! Weeks literally fly by when you are incredibly busy and living for the weekends-I think I'm in serious need of a real break. We were off for spring break a few weeks ago but I ended up going to sunny Florida for a training trip for rowing. This was not exactly a relaxing vacation; we were up at 6 every morning and trained twice a day, about 6 hours every day. Crazy! But also an incredibly fun and interesting experience.

In the meantime, I've been running ragged catching up on work, getting up too early and going to bed too late, and just trying to find time to chill out! I have hardly even thrifted once in the past month, never mind having time to dress decently! I literally live i the same gross sports clothes all week-except for Thursdays, my only day to wear normal clothes. I shouldn't be complaining, at least I am doing what I want to be doing, but I miss having my old life a bit.

OK, end rant, now that spring has arrived (YAY!) I've been thinking a lot about what I want to be wearing come real warm weather and no more threats of snow. Hence, I've made a compilation of wants/needs for the season, some real and some imaginary. Check it!

*high waist jeans in black from American Apparel, no matter what season I always wear pants, and I've been wondering if I could pull off these high waisted ones or not. I'm weirdly disproportionate from top to bottom, but I really do love the way high waisted pants look. I want to try these on in store before committing anyway

*chambray and jeans in general. I thrifted an awesome men's over sized chambray shirt a few weeks ago and brought it to Florida, wearing it on the beach as a cover up and with shorts as a comfy alternative to sweatshirts that always seem to be in heavy rotation. Such a great fabric! I also recently bought some 70's high waist jeans (shipped all the way from austrailia!) and I want to try wearing them around, and I'm also intrigued by the denim-on-denim look (not, however, the way my father rocks it. I mean like how Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie in The Runaways rocks it in one scene; totally killed it with some of her wardrobe! MAkes me love the 70's so much more).

*very high platform sandals. I really like the Swedish Hasbeens that everyone seems to be talking about lately, but they are a bit outside of my budget. I'm also craving a higher platform, and have scoured the Internet with no luck searching for genuine 70s platforms. I'll keep trying though!

*handmade, light and airy dresses. I need the simplicity of a dress when I'm rushed to class/work/dinner, and cannot wait until I don't need any thought of tights! I recently purchased the Built by Wendy Dresses sewing book, and after I'm done with school I want to tackle at least one of the projects. Warmer weather come soon!

*high waisted swimsuits. I'm a big fan f vintage-styled swimsuits, and this one from urban outfitters/anthropologie is beautiful, but I would totally settle for this or this, from urban outfitters and hayden-harnett. I really wan tot try a high-waisted swimsit out this year!