in which a lazy girl wants to start something new

I've been feeling really tired lately, probably because of all the late nights I've been having. Now, before anyone starts to think I actually go out and stay up partying (ha!) it's because of late night TV and my younger brother's exam schedule )as I moonlight as his designated editor/paper correcter). Oh, the wild and crazy life of this American teenager...
Anyway, now that I'm feeling better, I thought I might as well start up a weekly posting thing, much like other bloggers have, in order to stick to a better blogging schedule. I feel that if I don't set a due date for myself, then I tend to let time get away from me, and I don't want to spend my whole summer without posting!
So, since I really wanted to create as much as possible during break, I thought I'd start up a weekly DIY post. Also, I have a feeling that these shoes are high on the list of things I want to create; who's up for DIY dyed sneakers? Someone find me that purple, please!

photo cred; SWNKDLLR
this lady and her knits! how freaking amazing would it be to make something like these!? I just discovered her blog and literally went through the archive, and found these shoes, which she hand dyed, and inspired me to try it out. I'll let you know how it goes!
(oh, and I'm so lazy that I haven't gotten around to putting batteries in my camera and photographing my recent finds, but I pinky swear I will this weekend!)


take the tracks of time

Sorry for the silence, I've been a little bit caught up in end of the year festivities for my younger brother and haven't had much time to do much of interest! I did manage to pick up a summer read (and also managed to get through 3/4 of it by the time I got home from the bookstore) and I set up a hammock and actually spent an evening sitting in it, reading. Making progress on my summer '10 wishlist. So for now, at least until I get around to photographing some new things and some outfits, I thought I'd share some beautiful things bouncing around in my mind lately. This photo is from my new favorite blog. I'm such a sucker for each and every dreamy, beautiful photo I come across, and this seems to be the mother load. source: the hymn for the cigarettes.
I have a sadly persistent and unattainable daydream in which I fix up my aunt's old VW bus (impossible, as it is so rotten) and just drive across the country. It's a nice dream, though. This dress, from Allen Company vintage on Etsy, have me obsessed and started a frenzied search for off the shoulder Mexican dresses. So far nothing compares, and of course this dress is far too small for me to ever fit. Sadness! I also became obsessed with white crochet or lace dresses because of The Snail and the Cyclops. Wouldn't it be nice to look this put together, even in the heat? I love this photo, found off the Urban Outfitter's blog/flickr set, and really, really wish my hair would stay put like that. It's super long now, about to the small of my back, but impossibly thick and heavy. And refuses to hold anthing more than a braid. So it's not so great for piling on top of my head, and it barely stays put in a ponytail! Blessing and a curse, I suppose. Source: here.
I have a lot to share, I've been busy making and sewing (!) and buying and dreaming and reading and such. There's never enough time in a day!


sweet disposition

On Saturday I took a short trip to the next town over to see if I could snag anything cool from the local church fair. Unfortunately, I got there just as it was closing, but I managed to take a few halfway decent outfit shots outside one of the many historic buildings. I'm lucky to live in an area rich in history and old, old buildings, and I hope to take advantage of that for my outfit shots in the coming months!

I'm wearing the dark rinse overalls and white peter pan collared blouse from my last post, leather belt from h&m, thrifted vintage coach bag, and old flats from J Crew. I hopped out of bed and threw this on to beat the humidity, and it worked fairly well. I'm on the lookout for long ones in a dark rinse, or maybe even white. I'd roll the hems and wear them all fall.

I also got to thrift a bit before picking my brother up from school on Friday, and here's all my finds!
A vintage dish drying rack which I'm converting into a basket for the back of my bike; it's perfect for holding books from the library, and thrift store shopping bags!

My first copy of The Little Prince; can you believe I've never read this book before? I sat in the car and read it through in one go. So pretty and sad, this might just be my favorite story yet. (the illustrations get me too)

This is one of my favorite finds yet. A tooled leather bag, with roses stamped into the leather. Also, I love that shade of leather, it reminds me of the natural colored Swedish Hasbeens.

A plain silk tank top in a neutral color, for tucking into jean shorts when it's too hot to think. I might just collect these.

Another (I know, I know, but I'm a sucker for all things soft and comfortable) plaid flannel, this time in blue.

Another piece that I can see becoming a warm weather staple; a perfect vintage blouse, airy and light, and the blue stitching kills me. I need more blue in my life.
Sorry for the funny faces, for some reason I can't keep a straight face when I'm being photographed! Let's hope the good weather is here to stay, because I also finally put up a hammock, and I plan on using it to loung about (as if I don't do enough of that already). Till next time :)


back to basics

Here's a look at some of the stuff I've been finding lately at the thrift store/estate sales/flea market; pretty sweet if you ask me!
Two mini bottles of Chanel N5 and Chloe Narcisse. Personally I've always thought Chanel N5 smelled awful, but the bottle sure is pretty.

I got myself some dark rinse overalls, a nice buffalo plaid flannel, and crazy ass Levi's daisy dukes. The shorts are not for me by a long shot, but are perfectly worn in and frayed.

I got this wonky 80s belt and funny black purse at the same place; normally I hate gold but with black I suppose I can stand it. I also got these leather men's brogues at salvation army for free, because the shoes are a mismatched pair! It's hard to tell so I got them anyways, and they are super comfortable and broken in.
These four white blouses are pretty and clean, exactly what I want for summer. The first is from the 40s or 50s and is handmade, a really awesome find! I just about cried when I put it on and the bust was too tight; I've been searching for a simple sailor blouse for ages! The next two shirts fit me, thank goodness; one is linen and the other a soft Swiss dot cotton. I've already worn the peter-pan collared one, and actually took some outfit shots so hopefully you'll see that next time! The last is crochet, I guess from the 60s/70s. It's funny because I turned to my mom and mentioned that I was looking for crochet dresses, and there this was! Pretty lucky I guess.

These last four dresses I'm exciting to have found; they are so beautiful! The first is a formal dress from the 50s/60s, I wish so bad it fit me! The second is a 60s dress, likely hand made, and it reminds me so much of this Lover dress, with the high neck and longer sleeves, that I grabbed it right away. It fits everywhere but the arms, does anyone out there know how to re size arm holes!? Help would be appreciated! The last two are from the 70s, and they pretty much speak for themselves.
I have been planning for something special for you guys, and I can't wait to let you know about it! Next time I have some more finds to show off, and an outfit post (a commodity around here, haha)