back to basics

Here's a look at some of the stuff I've been finding lately at the thrift store/estate sales/flea market; pretty sweet if you ask me!
Two mini bottles of Chanel N5 and Chloe Narcisse. Personally I've always thought Chanel N5 smelled awful, but the bottle sure is pretty.

I got myself some dark rinse overalls, a nice buffalo plaid flannel, and crazy ass Levi's daisy dukes. The shorts are not for me by a long shot, but are perfectly worn in and frayed.

I got this wonky 80s belt and funny black purse at the same place; normally I hate gold but with black I suppose I can stand it. I also got these leather men's brogues at salvation army for free, because the shoes are a mismatched pair! It's hard to tell so I got them anyways, and they are super comfortable and broken in.
These four white blouses are pretty and clean, exactly what I want for summer. The first is from the 40s or 50s and is handmade, a really awesome find! I just about cried when I put it on and the bust was too tight; I've been searching for a simple sailor blouse for ages! The next two shirts fit me, thank goodness; one is linen and the other a soft Swiss dot cotton. I've already worn the peter-pan collared one, and actually took some outfit shots so hopefully you'll see that next time! The last is crochet, I guess from the 60s/70s. It's funny because I turned to my mom and mentioned that I was looking for crochet dresses, and there this was! Pretty lucky I guess.

These last four dresses I'm exciting to have found; they are so beautiful! The first is a formal dress from the 50s/60s, I wish so bad it fit me! The second is a 60s dress, likely hand made, and it reminds me so much of this Lover dress, with the high neck and longer sleeves, that I grabbed it right away. It fits everywhere but the arms, does anyone out there know how to re size arm holes!? Help would be appreciated! The last two are from the 70s, and they pretty much speak for themselves.
I have been planning for something special for you guys, and I can't wait to let you know about it! Next time I have some more finds to show off, and an outfit post (a commodity around here, haha)


  1. Of all these finds I love the blue dress with the white collar best. I hope you're keeping it and that you'll show it off on the blog soon :)

    I have to agree on the pretty white tops for summer. I was able to find mine at a thrift shop too. They are just the ultimate staple for the warmer days.

    B from A plus B

  2. OMG such great finds. Sometimes I think I am immune to thrift store finds posts as I have such great luck myself, but it is not true. I am ridiculously jealous of so many of those pieces.

  3. rather envious of your chanel, was that a thrift find?
    the brougues are lovely, as are the white shirts, i couldn't work out which of them i liked best.
    I agree with B though, the blue dress is delightful. you've had productive findings, i'm quite jealous.



  4. I want the scout/sailor top! It reminds me of going camping!

  5. Oooh, great haul! I like the last 2 dresses the most, so pretty!

  6. That's so funny- what is it with all the mis matched brogues! Your pair do look really similar though so hopefully you will get lots of wear out of them xx