paper dress

So far this week I've gotten quite a bit done, mainly cleaning up my room, doing laundry, and trying my hand at drawing a bit. I got the idea for this when I was falling asleep one night, and, although my scanner doesn't do it much justice, it looks pretty cool in real life. I think I'm going to put it in a weathered white frame and hang it on my wall. It maes me want to try painting more!
Oh, and though I can hardly afford it at the moment, Madewell has opened their online store! Now I can fantasy-shop, one of favorite things to do nowadays. Seriously, my wish lists at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are miles long...
Expect to see some cool finds next post, I got lucky last time I went thrifting!


a sorta filler post: the week in purchases

I have gotten around to a few of the things on my summer '10 bucket list already, mainly picnicking and getting outside a bit more, but not without my SPF 70-there's nothing more important than taking care of your skin! As a half Italian half Irish/Dutch mix, I think very little of the Italian ability to darken in the sun came through for me; I stand out in my family as the pale child who burns, while my little brother can tan in ten minutes. I'm pretty sure my paleness adds to the effect of me looking about 16 years old, as at least 5 people asked my younger brother if I was his little sister this past week, but it sure as hell beats looking like the leather bag that half the girls my age already do! It also helps that I don't drink or smoke at all, of course. Plus, I'm at much lower risk for cancer, a damn god reason in my book to avoid all that nonsense. Alright, rant over, haha. Finally just caved and bought the CD of She & Him Volume 2. I wanted the record, but decided it wasn't a portable-enough option. I ripped the songs onto my iPod and popped the CD into my mom's car. Yay for technology.
As I'm always on the lookout for cool stuff, I managed to add to my silver-ring collection today when my mom and I trawled the local tag/estate sales and flea market. I've added these three pretty little things to my collection, two vintage sterling silver rings from Mexico and a handmade moon stone and silver ring. I still have my eye on a vintage silver armor ring for next time!Sometime in the past week I went over to the thrift store for a bit, searching for a few particulars like a silk button down to tuck into high waist denim shorts, dark rinse farmer jeans, some plain rompers for the hot days, striped shirts, a medium brimmed straw hat, and leather shoes, and managed to find a few off this list. I'm still on the lookout for perfect essentials for my closet, and am planning to pare down my wardrobe this summer to some well tailored, easy basics. Plus, I really want to start making things from scratch again! I miss my sewing machine, poor thing has been neglected all winter!
I'm not sure if I could ever pull off this ruffled pink shirt, but the details kill me and remind me of the movie 3 Women. I think it's from the 70s, but may be from earlier? It would look fantastic tucked into a high waist a-line denim skirt (in my opinion). I also picked up this pretty floral rose print fabric, and I'm not sure if I want to make a dress, skirt, or shorts out of it yet! Any suggestions? In addition to all this I bought a wee little bottle of old old Chanel N 5 and Narcisse by Chloe. They probably smell awful after sitting all these years in someone's attic, but the bottles are adorable.
Tonight I plan on going to bed pretty early (and by that I mean before 2 am kevery other night this past week-yikes!) I'm beat after all the tag-saleing today! I also want to try to post more outfit-shots of me in the future, as I have been pretty good about dressing civil now that I'm done with school and have time to organise outfits. I guess I just have to get used to being in front of the camera instead of behind it!
Oh, and I have an addendum for my to-do list: plant something and let it grow! I'm thinking watermelon-even though I can't eat them without having half my face blow up with allergies. They just look so pretty!


all that glitters

Some things that are making me happy this week: the frankie photo album and star glitter from my 18th birthday that I keep in a vintage sugar bowl, recent thrift finds, the built by wendy dresses book I plan to utilize in the coming weeks, and unique and beautiful silver rings. I'm starting a collection of silver rings, seeing as I already wear three or four everyday I want to expand my collection, and the other day I stopped at an estate sale and picked up this beautiful silver filigree ring and another silver one with elephants. I'm on the hunt for them!
I've been out for summer break for two days, and so far I have:
-gone for a ride on my bike
-eaten far too many sweets
-seen some old friends
-slept in far too long
-lay out on the lawn in the sun
-rearranged my closet
-gone to the movies with my family
-watched an unacceptable amount of CSI, Law and Order, and Ghost Whisperer
-caught up on all my blog reading
-eaten Popsicles
What else is there for me to do? Well, I suppose I have a sort of bucket-list for summer '10. I'd love to:
-bike a lot more
-stay outside instead of sitting inside all day
-go swimming, in pools and lakes if I can find the courage!
-have a few ( or a lot) more picnics
-learn to cook
-take more photographs ( I miss photography so much it hurts)
-sew some more
-go fishing and catch frogs like I used to when I was little
-write and read more
-take more day trips to places I haven't been
-put up a hammock-and use it!
-go to more outdoor concerts
-get up early
-learn to drive
-thrift a ton
-attend (and host) more bonfires and parties
-go camping
-try to live a little, because sometimes I get way too uptight
Most of these things apply to life in general, but it would be fantastic to accomplish of of them this year! Expect to hear more from me from now on; I'm back in action!


follow me

Popping in to let you know I'm alive-and that I've made a tumblr! Follow me here. Expect to see lots of 70s shoes, pretty girls in pretty clothes, dream home inspiration, and quite a few vintage dresses that got away. Oh, and a lot less text (yay!). I'll save the small talk for this old thing.
I plan on posting at least once a day, but I still have one more final exam and a final project to get through until I am free at last! Here's a sneak preview; just one pair of my dream shoes.
Until then :)


leather and jean

Pardon the headless oompa loompa in a denim on denim ensemble below: I went a little nuts with the editing and couldn't fix the photo, and my face sans makeup plus tang-colored sheen was a little too much for the permanence of the Internet.

I thrifted myself some high waist jean shorts the other day, and wanted to try the jean suit thing out for size. I don't have the confidence to wear this outside of my room, but it was cool to try out.

I also got some more jean items this week; two more super soft shirts, a pair of Levi's shorts that I'll likely cut since they're at an odd length, and some overalls. I haven't worn overalls since the fourth grade, but just decided to try them out for the hot weather days. Why not for $4.

I also found these vintage 70s leather clogs and a pair of leather cut-out flats in my size. Sadly, the clogs are way too small for my monster feet, but I bought them anyway; too cool to pass up.

And finally, I found a pair of dead stock vintage 70s clogs in my size on eBay!!! They're pristine and perfect, and remind me of the Alexa Chung for Madewell ones with their little tassels on the tops. I have to start wearing these around; they are too cute to sit in my closet year round. I suppose finding these makes up for the too-small clogs I thrifted :)

fun finds

Just half of the cool stuff I've thrifted over the past two weeks. A 50s/60s sleeveless shirtwaist dress, a 60s/70s nightgown, a 60s swimsuit/romper, and a late 50s/60s formal juniors dress. So sad that last one is so small; it's the perfect spring dress!
Up next: leather and denim. I'm much less of a cowboy than I seem, haha :)