leather and jean

Pardon the headless oompa loompa in a denim on denim ensemble below: I went a little nuts with the editing and couldn't fix the photo, and my face sans makeup plus tang-colored sheen was a little too much for the permanence of the Internet.

I thrifted myself some high waist jean shorts the other day, and wanted to try the jean suit thing out for size. I don't have the confidence to wear this outside of my room, but it was cool to try out.

I also got some more jean items this week; two more super soft shirts, a pair of Levi's shorts that I'll likely cut since they're at an odd length, and some overalls. I haven't worn overalls since the fourth grade, but just decided to try them out for the hot weather days. Why not for $4.

I also found these vintage 70s leather clogs and a pair of leather cut-out flats in my size. Sadly, the clogs are way too small for my monster feet, but I bought them anyway; too cool to pass up.

And finally, I found a pair of dead stock vintage 70s clogs in my size on eBay!!! They're pristine and perfect, and remind me of the Alexa Chung for Madewell ones with their little tassels on the tops. I have to start wearing these around; they are too cute to sit in my closet year round. I suppose finding these makes up for the too-small clogs I thrifted :)


  1. Wow everyone seems to be finding such incredible vintage clogs! I love Rhiannon's too. Lucky girls!

  2. thanks :) just keep looking, they're definitely out there!