all that glitters

Some things that are making me happy this week: the frankie photo album and star glitter from my 18th birthday that I keep in a vintage sugar bowl, recent thrift finds, the built by wendy dresses book I plan to utilize in the coming weeks, and unique and beautiful silver rings. I'm starting a collection of silver rings, seeing as I already wear three or four everyday I want to expand my collection, and the other day I stopped at an estate sale and picked up this beautiful silver filigree ring and another silver one with elephants. I'm on the hunt for them!
I've been out for summer break for two days, and so far I have:
-gone for a ride on my bike
-eaten far too many sweets
-seen some old friends
-slept in far too long
-lay out on the lawn in the sun
-rearranged my closet
-gone to the movies with my family
-watched an unacceptable amount of CSI, Law and Order, and Ghost Whisperer
-caught up on all my blog reading
-eaten Popsicles
What else is there for me to do? Well, I suppose I have a sort of bucket-list for summer '10. I'd love to:
-bike a lot more
-stay outside instead of sitting inside all day
-go swimming, in pools and lakes if I can find the courage!
-have a few ( or a lot) more picnics
-learn to cook
-take more photographs ( I miss photography so much it hurts)
-sew some more
-go fishing and catch frogs like I used to when I was little
-write and read more
-take more day trips to places I haven't been
-put up a hammock-and use it!
-go to more outdoor concerts
-get up early
-learn to drive
-thrift a ton
-attend (and host) more bonfires and parties
-go camping
-try to live a little, because sometimes I get way too uptight
Most of these things apply to life in general, but it would be fantastic to accomplish of of them this year! Expect to hear more from me from now on; I'm back in action!

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