so much to tell you

photo cred: searching hearts on flickr
has it really been an entire semester? i'm terrified with how fast time has flown by, and so sorry for not keeping up to date here! i have no real excuse, all thing considered, just plain busyness and lack of interesting things to say.
on that note, I think it's time to take this blog in a new direction. Seeing as I don't post as often as I like anyway due to lack of inspiration/photos/etc., i think i should stop trying to post for the sake of getting something up here. i'm going to try to be more deliberate with what i say and show you from now on; after all, i am an english major. incorporating something semi-intelligent into my ramblings is certainly a good thing, right?
also, i'd like to get back into photography, and by that i mean good old 35 mm film stuff. this also could end up making posts few and far between, but jesus it's been far too long since i've even held my camera, and that's a damn shame.
lastly, i think this space needs a facelift. anyone have any suggestions for a new header design? i'm thinking girly with masculine touches...and have no clue how to execute such a thing. but now that i'm off from school for a whole month (!) i'll certainly have enough time to figure it out.
so, if i don't see you, have a wonderful and happy holiday season! check my tumblr for updates and the things that have been keeping my brain alive while i studied for exams in the past few weeks; there are some gems up there that i think need to be printed out and pasted on my walls. new project? quite possibly.