au revoir, September!

Well, seeing as it's the last day of September I thought I'd wish it adieu and welcome October, my favorite month, to the blog! I wasn't planning on posting anything because I have been bad about taking outfit posts (who wants to when all you have for a backdrop is cement and ugly furniture?) and I never even got to photograph the estate sale finds from 2 (!) weeks ago, but I decided I needed to assure you that I am alive, although I have an ear infection/sinus issue going on, and I will try very hard to put up something worthwhile in the next few days!

Other than illness and feeling uninspired, I am really excited about fall activities, and I hope I have time to do them all! Apple and pumpkin picking and Halloween are really high up on that list, so if I at least get to do those three things I think I could be content ;)
Awfully blurry farm photograph by yours truly, scanned pinhole negative.


beetle juice, beetle juice, beetle juice!

So, last night was Prez Ball, and it was so much fun! I ended up not wearing either of the dresses that I thought I might, because I went to Anthropologie and found this one instead! The other too dresses were pretty, but one was too plain and the other was poor quality. So when I saw this dress on the rack, I knew it would fit really well and would stand out from the crowd. I've wanted this dress for long time, and I'll totally wear it again, so it was money well spent.
I lovelovelove the back lace-up detailing, it's totally awesome! I kind of felt like a ballerina/circus performer/lydia deets from beetle juice, which, in my opinion, is pretty rad! I also loved the heels, which were from my sophomore year formal, but I ended up in flip flops the entire night, since dancing in heels is next to impossible and a hazard; a girl I know got gashed by some unthoughtful girl's stiletto :( Overall, it was a really fun night, and I really had a lot of fun dressing up for an occasion again; I don't get to do that often enough!
I think I'm going home tonight to see my little brother, and that means I can finally photograph all the goodies from the estate sales of last weekend! Have a good one everyone :)


i heart new york

As promised, here are a few of the sights I was able to see on my too-short trip to NYC! We only had about an hour of free time, so our freedom to roam was confined to a few blocks. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and seeing so many people; coming from a small town, the thought that I was surrounded by so many individuals was frankly mind-boggling, to say the least!

Tonight is my college's fall semi-formal aka Presidential Ball aka Prez Ball, and I have a few dresses to choose from...still not sure what I should wear, lol! I'll try to photograph each and the final decision for you guys, they are pretty edgy compared to what I wear on a daily basis, so it should be interesting!
See you all soon...


rose gold

I don't have much time to write before I dash off to English class (we're finishing up Sunset Blvd., can't wait!) so I'll save the crazy NYC post for another day. I have like three posts queued up; I'm so far behind! Alright, so here is a sampling of the pretty little things I picked up over the weekend, together like this because I somehow managed to buy them all in the same color! A preview of the dusty pink fall wardrobe I have dreamed of, no?

A rosette headband:J Crew. It's the same as the pink one I bought back in the start of summer, but in a dustier color.

The Little Fashion Dictionary: ICP gift shop, haha.

Rosy knee highs: J Crew. I've wanted knee high socks for ages, and these are so soft.

Stila makeup: sephora. I'm pretty proud of myself for this one, since I adore Stila and all of the makeup in this thing is full sized! I love makeup way too much!

I also got a sweet little sample card of the new Marc Jacobs perfume Lola; it smells wonderful, like a nighttime version of Daisy. It's already made its way to my birthday/holiday wish list ;)

I promise next post will be a bit more exciting, but now I have to run!


frill and floss

Hey hey! So yea I finally got around to doing another half-assed outfit post, woot! As you can see, it was finally cool enough to wear that thrifted romper from a few weeks back, with tights of course! I really liked wearing this, other than the obvious difficulties in getting out of it (tights AND a back zip onesie are a bit overwhelming to take off!) I was super comfortable all day, and I didn't need to bust out the sweatpants after classes to chill!
I just watched the short films on Lula's new website, and I'm really liking the whole pretty, delicate goth thing they have going on. I especially love all the sheer/muted fabrics with black. I think that next time I go home I have to make a trip to the fabric store, because I want to take a crack at making some tap shorts in dark colors, and a few more skirts as well. SallyJane's post on the Lyell collection has me wanting a darker, more layered wardrobe (and tap shorts. preferably silk). I made myself a pair of tap shorts back in the spring that turned out pretty well, but they're more like a prototype, almost like boys boxers so not really wearable in public!
On another note, my English class is going to be spectacular, I just know it! For one, we are taking a trip into New York on Saturday to go see the works of Richard Avedan, take our own photographs, and enjoy the arts of the city! (Two summers ago I enrolled in a class at ICP, and although the class was cancelled I was allowed to use the grant given to me by my school to go to the city, shoot, and print. I met a ton of really cool people, and although it was overwhelming at first, I'm really glad I got that experience!) So today in class we are watching Sunset Boulevard, which seems to be a really cool movie so far. I'm super excited for the rest of the year to pan out, especially since we're starting off with such cool stuff!
Oh, one more thing, I will hopefully crank out some photographs with my pinhole camera this weekend/week; I dropped the photography class I was placed in because it was way too basic, and now I'm getting that familiar ache to start shooting again. I miss photography, and not this point and click crap I usually post here. I want to develope my own negatives and prints again, and to take the time to make sure I do everything right. This digital nonsense is so mindless; I feel the disconnect from the craft of making photographs when I shoot digitally. I have to give digital some props though, it is much easier/you can manipulate your work a whole lot more when you shoot digitally, but you can call me old fashioned because film is where it's at!
Gratuitous nerdy peace sign shot, and look at that weirdo in the photo below...tsk tsk, I need a studio space or something, dorm room decor is getting old fast, and I always seem to make weird faces when I'm dashing across the room to get in the shot before the timer runs out! romper: thrifted, originally the limited, tights: target, flats: urban outfitters, belt: thrifted


hello, kitty

Since it's fashion week (or it was, I'm not on top of these things) and everyone has put up photographs of their favorite collections, I thought I'd do a little fashion show modeled by my dear friend, miss Hello Kitty!
This lady has quite the wardrobe; look at those hairbows!
Here, miss Kitty is modeling a winter look. Pink faux fur coats are so in right now.
Come spring, Kitty will be well prepared with a sweet little polka dot dress and a blue bow.
Those hot summer months don't keep Kitty from looking awesome. Designer shades and of course her SPF keep Kitty from being a burnt cat.
Red is a great fall color, and Kitty pulls it off with a matching hair bow, just in time for back to school!
Wow, such great looks, so little time! Kitty is jetting off to Paris for a much needed break from her modeling career; till next time, Bye bye, Kitty!


i wish everything i wished for you before, but harder

So, this weekend turned out to be pretty lovely, although, as with all good things, it went by too fast.
Here's the rundown...
Friday: Had photo class for the first time; was NOT what I expected/wanted in a photography course. Dropping class tomorrow :( Went to my first event for my job; was not "adult" in the weird way, thank god! Still writing my little article on it ;)
Saturday: Crew practice at 6:45, boo early weekend mornings. Mom came and got me to go do laundry (I'm awful, I haven't done it myself once yet! haha). We stopped at two tag sales on the way home and I picked up some cool stuff, like this vintage suitcase that sort of goes with my smaller vintage suitcase, 50 cents, the two cameras pictured, 50 cents and $2, respectively, and that great little 1950s school desk, $30 bargained down to $20! I recently saw desks for sale at urban outfitters (I think), and I really wanted one but they were way overpriced, so this was an awesome find! I can see one of my typewriters sitting prettily atop the desk, and me writing away a rainy afternoon. Someday...
...Saturday cont.: We hopped over to Borders bookstore to see if the latest Lula came in, but still no dice in that department. I picked up some cute little Hello Kitty dress up magnets there, as well as this wacky V magazine with Lady Gaga and her removable cling on sunglasses. Spray tan much? I love the pink though; slowly becoming my once again favorite color! After the bookstore wee went to Salvation Army, which had a lot of new stock but not as much as I had hoped for. I ended up getting a vintage dead stock 70s (I think) pencil skirt, which actually fits me so I might end up modeling it here in the near future!
Sunday: Slept in, ate cold pasta for breakfast, and hung out with my mom for the majority of the day. Went to the bookstore near my school and stalked around for Lula again, but it doesn't seem to be around yet. I really cannot wait to get the issue; the color combinations on the cover give me heart palpitations!
Alright, hopefully I'll be a bit more fashion-y tomorrow. Goodnight darlings:)


dancing in the moonlight

I'm feeling better today, maybe because I wore pink for the first time in months (hard to believe, haha). Homesickness and exhaustion suck, but they are most definitely remedied with a good night's sleep and a call home!
I start my on-campus job tomorrow; I'm working as a reporter/blogger for on-campus activities. My first assignment is to cover the "adult circus" that's coming to school...sounds interesting? I'm a little iffy about the whole adult part, does that mean what I think it does? Lol, probably not, but the wording caught me off guard for a minute.

Today was so cold, which means something other than a sundress and sandals! Or, a sundress and tights and a cardigan...ok, not much of an improvement, but I was tired this morning and didn't feel like trying to hard, haha. Although I always seem to be the most dressed person in all of my classes. What is it with college kids and sweatpants? I know they're comfortable, but it's a bit insulting to the professor if you show up to class dressed as if you were going to bed. Maybe I'm just so used to a dress code that pyjamas in school are a shocker!

I'm thinking of bringing my scanner up to school so I can scan those old Life magazines; some of the advertisements were really funny. And Lula has popped up again! I can hardly believe that I've been reading this sweet little publication for nearly three years; where does all the time go? I've sent my mother on a mission to track it down for me, but I don't think it has reached stateside as of yet. Last issue, my mom got so tired of looking around for it that she had it shipped, but that's way too costly! Lula around here is usually $15-$16 USD, and I think there was an issue 7 or 8 at the bookstore last time I checked, so if anyone wants it I'll send mom on a mission for that copy too ;)

Alright, I'm going to try to go thrifting this weekend if I have time, and hopefully I do! Talk to you soon.


under pressure

I'm having a hard time coping with all the crap I have to do; it seems like every time I turn around there's another meeting or assignment that I have to write down. I'm really tired too; I didn't get much sleep the last few nights. I just want it to be the weekend already!
Yesterday I wore this dress and the sweet bow necklace I won a few weeks back from Blooming Leopold, but I changed into sweat pants and took a nap after my first class, haha. I promise I'll do a proper post soon, I just have to adjust to all this nonsense and I'll be back to myself soon enough!



I wore my new blouse yesterday, and even though I had no class I was super busy! I went to the freshman meeting, up to the dean's office to switch a class, straight to the bookstore to buy a lab coat (haha) for my biology lab, to my room to study for about 3 hours (exhausting), and finally went to dinner and the club fair, after which I got to go home for this weekend! Whew!
I hope everyone has a great holiday :)



Here's a quick shot of what I wore today, taken before my morning class. I was going to wear some real shoes,, but I have insane blisters already from walking around this place! Once the weather cools I'll definitely wear something other than flip flops, and maybe try the pretty-sock trend? We shall see...then again, I have quite a few pairs of tights which would probably do the trick just fine.
Goodnight, and have a good weekend!


like a little girl

One of the many perks of going to school close to home is that your parents can pick you up and take you out almost anytime you want them to. So essentially my mom and I went on a mini thrifting/shopping excursion the other day, and these are the good I found/bought!

I bought a pretty blue floral headband at Anthropologie...
Like I give a Frock is a book that has been on my wishlist for a long time! I actually read through the entire thing last night, it's so cute!
And I also got a sweet little sailor inspired blouse at Anthro, I adore this!
We also stopped at the local Goodwill and look what I found; a boater hat! So weird that I finally found one, but it looks funny on my head so for now it's a decoration, haha
Alright everyone, it is late and there are many many more pages of biology and calculus to attend to...kill me please, lol.