i wish everything i wished for you before, but harder

So, this weekend turned out to be pretty lovely, although, as with all good things, it went by too fast.
Here's the rundown...
Friday: Had photo class for the first time; was NOT what I expected/wanted in a photography course. Dropping class tomorrow :( Went to my first event for my job; was not "adult" in the weird way, thank god! Still writing my little article on it ;)
Saturday: Crew practice at 6:45, boo early weekend mornings. Mom came and got me to go do laundry (I'm awful, I haven't done it myself once yet! haha). We stopped at two tag sales on the way home and I picked up some cool stuff, like this vintage suitcase that sort of goes with my smaller vintage suitcase, 50 cents, the two cameras pictured, 50 cents and $2, respectively, and that great little 1950s school desk, $30 bargained down to $20! I recently saw desks for sale at urban outfitters (I think), and I really wanted one but they were way overpriced, so this was an awesome find! I can see one of my typewriters sitting prettily atop the desk, and me writing away a rainy afternoon. Someday...
...Saturday cont.: We hopped over to Borders bookstore to see if the latest Lula came in, but still no dice in that department. I picked up some cute little Hello Kitty dress up magnets there, as well as this wacky V magazine with Lady Gaga and her removable cling on sunglasses. Spray tan much? I love the pink though; slowly becoming my once again favorite color! After the bookstore wee went to Salvation Army, which had a lot of new stock but not as much as I had hoped for. I ended up getting a vintage dead stock 70s (I think) pencil skirt, which actually fits me so I might end up modeling it here in the near future!
Sunday: Slept in, ate cold pasta for breakfast, and hung out with my mom for the majority of the day. Went to the bookstore near my school and stalked around for Lula again, but it doesn't seem to be around yet. I really cannot wait to get the issue; the color combinations on the cover give me heart palpitations!
Alright, hopefully I'll be a bit more fashion-y tomorrow. Goodnight darlings:)

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