dancing in the moonlight

I'm feeling better today, maybe because I wore pink for the first time in months (hard to believe, haha). Homesickness and exhaustion suck, but they are most definitely remedied with a good night's sleep and a call home!
I start my on-campus job tomorrow; I'm working as a reporter/blogger for on-campus activities. My first assignment is to cover the "adult circus" that's coming to school...sounds interesting? I'm a little iffy about the whole adult part, does that mean what I think it does? Lol, probably not, but the wording caught me off guard for a minute.

Today was so cold, which means something other than a sundress and sandals! Or, a sundress and tights and a cardigan...ok, not much of an improvement, but I was tired this morning and didn't feel like trying to hard, haha. Although I always seem to be the most dressed person in all of my classes. What is it with college kids and sweatpants? I know they're comfortable, but it's a bit insulting to the professor if you show up to class dressed as if you were going to bed. Maybe I'm just so used to a dress code that pyjamas in school are a shocker!

I'm thinking of bringing my scanner up to school so I can scan those old Life magazines; some of the advertisements were really funny. And Lula has popped up again! I can hardly believe that I've been reading this sweet little publication for nearly three years; where does all the time go? I've sent my mother on a mission to track it down for me, but I don't think it has reached stateside as of yet. Last issue, my mom got so tired of looking around for it that she had it shipped, but that's way too costly! Lula around here is usually $15-$16 USD, and I think there was an issue 7 or 8 at the bookstore last time I checked, so if anyone wants it I'll send mom on a mission for that copy too ;)

Alright, I'm going to try to go thrifting this weekend if I have time, and hopefully I do! Talk to you soon.


  1. you should totally come to Barnard! hahaha. most every girl is always dressed up. the first week was super intimidating because everyone was coming out with this killer outfits, and i was like gahh don't you ever run out of fabulous clothes. There are certainly people who wear sweatpants, but the majority dress up. I LOVE IT!
    - jen again btw

  2. haha, aww i'd love that, if i ever got in, lol