like a little girl

One of the many perks of going to school close to home is that your parents can pick you up and take you out almost anytime you want them to. So essentially my mom and I went on a mini thrifting/shopping excursion the other day, and these are the good I found/bought!

I bought a pretty blue floral headband at Anthropologie...
Like I give a Frock is a book that has been on my wishlist for a long time! I actually read through the entire thing last night, it's so cute!
And I also got a sweet little sailor inspired blouse at Anthro, I adore this!
We also stopped at the local Goodwill and look what I found; a boater hat! So weird that I finally found one, but it looks funny on my head so for now it's a decoration, haha
Alright everyone, it is late and there are many many more pages of biology and calculus to attend to...kill me please, lol.

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