hello, kitty

Since it's fashion week (or it was, I'm not on top of these things) and everyone has put up photographs of their favorite collections, I thought I'd do a little fashion show modeled by my dear friend, miss Hello Kitty!
This lady has quite the wardrobe; look at those hairbows!
Here, miss Kitty is modeling a winter look. Pink faux fur coats are so in right now.
Come spring, Kitty will be well prepared with a sweet little polka dot dress and a blue bow.
Those hot summer months don't keep Kitty from looking awesome. Designer shades and of course her SPF keep Kitty from being a burnt cat.
Red is a great fall color, and Kitty pulls it off with a matching hair bow, just in time for back to school!
Wow, such great looks, so little time! Kitty is jetting off to Paris for a much needed break from her modeling career; till next time, Bye bye, Kitty!


  1. I loved your comment on my blog regarding the knee highs!!! I went to a catholic school from K-12, and rocked the plaid skirt, knee highs, and doc martens, so I totally understand haha!! :)

  2. thanks natalie, i grew up on hello kitty and paper dolls so i had to get it!

    and kristen, i rocked knee highs with a plaid jumper and peter pan collared shirts from k-4, fun times, haha =)