au revoir, September!

Well, seeing as it's the last day of September I thought I'd wish it adieu and welcome October, my favorite month, to the blog! I wasn't planning on posting anything because I have been bad about taking outfit posts (who wants to when all you have for a backdrop is cement and ugly furniture?) and I never even got to photograph the estate sale finds from 2 (!) weeks ago, but I decided I needed to assure you that I am alive, although I have an ear infection/sinus issue going on, and I will try very hard to put up something worthwhile in the next few days!

Other than illness and feeling uninspired, I am really excited about fall activities, and I hope I have time to do them all! Apple and pumpkin picking and Halloween are really high up on that list, so if I at least get to do those three things I think I could be content ;)
Awfully blurry farm photograph by yours truly, scanned pinhole negative.

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