beetle juice, beetle juice, beetle juice!

So, last night was Prez Ball, and it was so much fun! I ended up not wearing either of the dresses that I thought I might, because I went to Anthropologie and found this one instead! The other too dresses were pretty, but one was too plain and the other was poor quality. So when I saw this dress on the rack, I knew it would fit really well and would stand out from the crowd. I've wanted this dress for long time, and I'll totally wear it again, so it was money well spent.
I lovelovelove the back lace-up detailing, it's totally awesome! I kind of felt like a ballerina/circus performer/lydia deets from beetle juice, which, in my opinion, is pretty rad! I also loved the heels, which were from my sophomore year formal, but I ended up in flip flops the entire night, since dancing in heels is next to impossible and a hazard; a girl I know got gashed by some unthoughtful girl's stiletto :( Overall, it was a really fun night, and I really had a lot of fun dressing up for an occasion again; I don't get to do that often enough!
I think I'm going home tonight to see my little brother, and that means I can finally photograph all the goodies from the estate sales of last weekend! Have a good one everyone :)

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