frill and floss

Hey hey! So yea I finally got around to doing another half-assed outfit post, woot! As you can see, it was finally cool enough to wear that thrifted romper from a few weeks back, with tights of course! I really liked wearing this, other than the obvious difficulties in getting out of it (tights AND a back zip onesie are a bit overwhelming to take off!) I was super comfortable all day, and I didn't need to bust out the sweatpants after classes to chill!
I just watched the short films on Lula's new website, and I'm really liking the whole pretty, delicate goth thing they have going on. I especially love all the sheer/muted fabrics with black. I think that next time I go home I have to make a trip to the fabric store, because I want to take a crack at making some tap shorts in dark colors, and a few more skirts as well. SallyJane's post on the Lyell collection has me wanting a darker, more layered wardrobe (and tap shorts. preferably silk). I made myself a pair of tap shorts back in the spring that turned out pretty well, but they're more like a prototype, almost like boys boxers so not really wearable in public!
On another note, my English class is going to be spectacular, I just know it! For one, we are taking a trip into New York on Saturday to go see the works of Richard Avedan, take our own photographs, and enjoy the arts of the city! (Two summers ago I enrolled in a class at ICP, and although the class was cancelled I was allowed to use the grant given to me by my school to go to the city, shoot, and print. I met a ton of really cool people, and although it was overwhelming at first, I'm really glad I got that experience!) So today in class we are watching Sunset Boulevard, which seems to be a really cool movie so far. I'm super excited for the rest of the year to pan out, especially since we're starting off with such cool stuff!
Oh, one more thing, I will hopefully crank out some photographs with my pinhole camera this weekend/week; I dropped the photography class I was placed in because it was way too basic, and now I'm getting that familiar ache to start shooting again. I miss photography, and not this point and click crap I usually post here. I want to develope my own negatives and prints again, and to take the time to make sure I do everything right. This digital nonsense is so mindless; I feel the disconnect from the craft of making photographs when I shoot digitally. I have to give digital some props though, it is much easier/you can manipulate your work a whole lot more when you shoot digitally, but you can call me old fashioned because film is where it's at!
Gratuitous nerdy peace sign shot, and look at that weirdo in the photo below...tsk tsk, I need a studio space or something, dorm room decor is getting old fast, and I always seem to make weird faces when I'm dashing across the room to get in the shot before the timer runs out! romper: thrifted, originally the limited, tights: target, flats: urban outfitters, belt: thrifted