don't think twice, it's alright

OK, so I guess spring is sort of getting into my head. All I've been thinking of is blues and whites and light gray, although It's frigid out in dear old Connecticut. I think I've been influenced most by the sweetest little look books that come out about this time of year, and I'm not complaining! I was able to sneak a mini day trip to Manhattan on Friday with my mom, and I think I can safely say that I can find my way around now, with little use of a map! Very exciting, haha. Well I dragged her to two stores, Anthropologie and Urban outfitters, with the intention of hunting down that blue dress in the above photograph and a pair of flats, and managed to limit myself to getting only 4 things, 3 of which were on super sale ( and no, they didn't have what I wanted in store, darn). Savvy shopper right here. Although I managed to get two impractical summery blouses (including that Pins and Needles one above, at a discount too, from Urban; so adorable and soft). I got home and ordered the dress online since it's been in my head for weeks; I'm a sucker for a sweet back detail. If it's as nice in real life I think I'll just live in it for the rest of the semester! I also have another two blouses that I got today at Anthropologie near my school; I got a 15% off coupon and wanted to get something special for my birthday. I'll show those off in a separate post though; they deserve their own spotlight!
Off to do some homework...I hate being in school, haha


i heart grandpa sweaters

There are few things out there that make me as happy as finding an awesomely warm, comfy sweater. So finding six of them for just $25? I was ecstatic!
So guess who will be warm and toasty for the remainder of the winter? Check it :)

Thank you, thrifting god! Not only did I score all these for way under the price I would pay for even one sweater at Anthropologie, but I also found a vintage hat thingy with a fur bow; too cute!

While I'm at it, I might as well show off some of my birthday loot (shameless, I know, but it's all too good not to share!) Oh, and I'll stop saying sweaters now, lol.

Quirky rings ftw! I'm really into interesting silver jewellery at the moment, and these were just what I was looking for.

And I added to my growing perfume collection. Rollerball Daisy! Lola! And I just discovered Stella Nude, which smells really great too :)

I go back to school on Monday, can you believe it? A whole month has gone by! Jeez! Until next time :)


take me out tonight, because i want to see people and i want to see life

I guess it's shameful that this will be my first post of 2010, two weeks after the fact, but I promise that I wanted to post! I've just been in a bit of a funk lately. I'm still trying to get used to the whole not living at home thing, and it's difficult, but I know I'll get over it eventually.
OK, well while I was being a neglectful blogger my birthday, January 10th, rolled around and I turned 19! This is another thing that totally blows my mind; I can't believe I'm in the last year of being a teenager, it's too weird!
I had a little party and though I'd share it with you. I had so much fun baking red velvet cupcakes, blowing bubbles, playing vintage dress up ( and finally getting to see some of my vintage pieces in action on my friends), and finally sitting down and catching up with everyone. We ate too much food and just chilled, and I hope to do it again soon; it was far too long since we all hung out like that! Here's an awful photograph of my birthday dress. I got it for Christmas off of Etsy; it's a vintage pink 50s dress with pin tuck detailing and a tuxedo-like front and a pleated skirt. It's too cute hanging on my wall.
So it was a great day, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than with friends :)
(Oh, and I got Lola by Marc Jacobs and the tentacle ring! Thank you so much Mom and Dad!)