take me out tonight, because i want to see people and i want to see life

I guess it's shameful that this will be my first post of 2010, two weeks after the fact, but I promise that I wanted to post! I've just been in a bit of a funk lately. I'm still trying to get used to the whole not living at home thing, and it's difficult, but I know I'll get over it eventually.
OK, well while I was being a neglectful blogger my birthday, January 10th, rolled around and I turned 19! This is another thing that totally blows my mind; I can't believe I'm in the last year of being a teenager, it's too weird!
I had a little party and though I'd share it with you. I had so much fun baking red velvet cupcakes, blowing bubbles, playing vintage dress up ( and finally getting to see some of my vintage pieces in action on my friends), and finally sitting down and catching up with everyone. We ate too much food and just chilled, and I hope to do it again soon; it was far too long since we all hung out like that! Here's an awful photograph of my birthday dress. I got it for Christmas off of Etsy; it's a vintage pink 50s dress with pin tuck detailing and a tuxedo-like front and a pleated skirt. It's too cute hanging on my wall.
So it was a great day, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than with friends :)
(Oh, and I got Lola by Marc Jacobs and the tentacle ring! Thank you so much Mom and Dad!)

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