i heart grandpa sweaters

There are few things out there that make me as happy as finding an awesomely warm, comfy sweater. So finding six of them for just $25? I was ecstatic!
So guess who will be warm and toasty for the remainder of the winter? Check it :)

Thank you, thrifting god! Not only did I score all these for way under the price I would pay for even one sweater at Anthropologie, but I also found a vintage hat thingy with a fur bow; too cute!

While I'm at it, I might as well show off some of my birthday loot (shameless, I know, but it's all too good not to share!) Oh, and I'll stop saying sweaters now, lol.

Quirky rings ftw! I'm really into interesting silver jewellery at the moment, and these were just what I was looking for.

And I added to my growing perfume collection. Rollerball Daisy! Lola! And I just discovered Stella Nude, which smells really great too :)

I go back to school on Monday, can you believe it? A whole month has gone by! Jeez! Until next time :)

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