see, the life i've had can make a good man bad

Like a kid on Christmas morning, as soon as I woke up this past Thursday I had one thing in mind; Lula issue 10! Considering my infatuation with this publication, I'm surprised I haven't gone searching earlier, as I knew that it came out about a month ago (at least overseas). I guess it's for the best, because when I finally did make it to my Border's bookstore and ran over to the "foreign magazine" rack, there it was waiting for me! No disappointed waiting this time around!
My copy has Lime Chiffon on the cover; I wouldn't have minded Strawberry Shortcake herself, but this girl is pretty as well.
This issue doesn't have quite as many articles/photographs that appeal to me as the past few have, but I did appreciate the bit about Shelley Duval, my eyelash envy crush (second to that of my friend Jen, who has to best eyelashes even without eye makeup) and there were plenty of interesting articles in there that kept me entertained all day. I could hardly believe, when I went to stack my copy in with my past copies, that this is the sixth issue of Lula I have read; three whole years have gone by since I first picked up a copy and fell in love!
Happy fifth birthday, Lula! <3

As if getting my coveted copy of Lula wasn't great enough, I also managed to drag my poor mother out to the Salvation Army today, and found some really fantastic stuff to add to my wardrobe.
First up, a vintage Sears red gingham shirt. I love this color gingham, especially with rolled up indigo blue jeans. Summer, are you here yet?
Next up is this 50s/60s shirtwaist dress in a nice goldenrod color. It's usually hard to find this style and time period dress in good condition at my salvation army, but I must have been on a lucky streak today. Look at that collar, it's pretty awesome!
Next, keeping with my spring coat hunting, I grabbed this nearly pristine military style fishing jacket. This isn't vintage, but I was in the market for a military style jacket, and was going to cave and buy this one from J Crew, but I feel like the $10 price tag on this jacket beats the hell out of the $158 one on that. Plus it's the perfect color green, and has great little details, like tough little zippers and pockets, and plaid trim around the inside seaming.

Last but not least, I finally found a nice little jean jacket to go with summery dresses and skirts! I've been searching for just the right fit and wash jacket for what seems like years, and today I thought to look in the kid's section and there it was among bedazzled coats and teeny little dresses. Bonus: it's vintage 70s/80s, and fits like a glove. I think my closet is completed as far as spring jackets are concerned! (Now all I need are the perfect vintage leather platform clogs and I'll be golden!)

This might be the last post for a while; less than a month left of classes and my freshman year of college is over! Holy crap! Needless to say, this is crunch time, and I'm booked up to my ears in classes/work/sports until after May 15. Wish me luck, hopefully be talking to you sooner rather than later!


blue jean baby

How's this for keeping up with the blog? Three posts in the last week! Ha!
Well, as you may have noticed, blue is currently my favorite color, and as i mentioned in my last post, I've found a new appreciation for denim. So this post is dedicated to the blue things I found last time I went to salvation army with my mom.

First up is this awesome vintage 60s(?) trench/rain coat made by Misty Harbor, "a division of Jonathan Logan," that is perfect for spring. As soon as I fished this out from between sketchy flasher-trenches and some really odd, over-priced fur coats I instantly thought of Rhiannon, who has been talking about finding the perfect spring trench for ages now. I think I have found mine! It has contrast top stitching, is the perfect length, and has the cutest buttons and pockets without looking too contrived. Plus I was in serious need of a raincoat with all the rain we've been getting lately.
Next up is two button downs; I've been practically living in the lower one for the past few weeks. I've been on the lookout for chambray shirts for the past few months, and luckily I've found two that are perfect! The top one fits closer to the body and is good for tucking into high waisted jeans/skirts, and the bottom one is incredibly soft and easy and looks pretty wild my my great-aunt's vintage sequined vest. I'm loving these right now!

I grabbed this denim dress the other day at salvation army, and fell in love with the collar. Doesn't it look familiar? I swear I've seen another dress with the same exact collar in some spring collection, but I have no idea where. I cut it shorter as it was awkwardly ankle length, maybe a little too short because now I can't hem it (oops), but I'm crossing mt fingers that the edge won't fray!

And lastly I wanted to show off my (growing) 70s jean collection! I have six pairs now, five of which were thrifted and one bought off of eBay (from Australia, no less!). The only pair that fits me is the ebayed pair, but I'm thinking of selling the rest...that is, if anyone actually reads this and would be interested in owning 70s high waisted denim! Anyone out there? Hello?

Oh, and before I forget, my first post was this time last year, right after Easter! How weird is that? A whole year has gone by! I can hardly believe, when I look back on the past twelve months, how much I have changed. I feel like I'm a bit more mature, and my tastes have definitely changed, but what do you think? Am I totally the same? Totally different? Let me know what you'd want to see more/less of! (less text probably, haha)

'til next time :)