what am i supposed to do

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has weird existential crises every few months (...right?) but this latest one was brought about while having dinner with my oldest friend. Oldest as in we have known each other since kindergarten, not as in living in an old age home. Those friends throw me into an entirely different state of emotional and existential turmoil.
photo of me summer 2012 (?) taken by my friend claire, asbury park, nj


i used to have a car but then i crashed it

I am a sentimental person in that I won't get rid of anything that I have attached sentimental value to (i.e. everything, old birthday cards, pretty tags, and the packaging to my semi-defunct 2004 iPod mini included) so naturally I'm leaving all my old blog content up for sentiment's sake. On the flip side, I think it's been long enough since I've last occupied his space for almost everyone who knew me in my blogger days to have thought I'd skipped town or worse. Fresh start!

 I also happen to do this thing where I follow people who are successful in the things I want to be successful at and completely ignore the fact that they work every day towards that success while I bitch and moan that I haven't gone anywhere with my life since graduation. Gotta put a stop to that. I'm not the type who makes resolutions but I am henceforth going to

-stop making comparisons between myself and people when I'm not working as hard as they are
-get a fucking job 
-write every goddamn day, because thinking about writing doesn't actually cut it these days
photos taken summer 2012 and spring 2013: fairfield, ct and asbury park, nj

peace, bitches