sweet jane

this is what i wore to school earlier this week, not very inspiring, but the weather was so hot that i couldn't bear to wear anything else!
the black cloth maryjane shoes and the two Polaroid cameras i got today; the cameras were free! i love cute old men who work at the thrift shop and sneakily tell me to take the goods and run!
i'm super psyched about the maryjanes, because they're the perfect pair that i have been searching for forever! and they are from the market, no less! (score!)
the bandit at her best, though it was perfectly legal ;)

top pics-
dress: salvation army belt: rummage sale from the other day sandals: urban outfitters
bottom pics-
maryjanes: local health food store polaroid cameras: free at the local charity thrift!



here they are, my new/old chloe shoes!!! yayy! (now if only i could get my hands on a pair of the cream coloured heels...)

i also got a bunch of stuff at the rummage sale, blouses, high waisted shorts, zippers, and fabric, all for less than $15!! (i am psyched, as you can see) the sale itself was a madhouse, really nasty and pushy old women kept being so rude! i cannot stand people like that, i mean are you seriously going to be a jerk because you want first dibs on the used stretchy pants in the corner? calm it down people!


yellow dress, locked knees

went on a college visit today, initially was god awful (i really didn't feel well and i was having a bad day) but it got better, college might not be so bad as soon as i get used to the idea. i'm still kindof in shock about the whole thing though
stopped at a (rediculously overpriced) tag sale on the way home and picked up a few records ($1 a piece, but i wanted them...shame on me) hopefully i will be able to dig through my room and get to my record player sometime this week so i can actually listen to the music that i bought
there's something about album covers that is awesome, they are like little square happy makers
i was digging through the crates at the tag sale and some woman starts rummaging through and steals a whole bunch of good ones, old stones and zeppelin, and i was like gah i want to smack you, you damn yuppie! lol

the crazy lolita-esque dress is one from ebay that i got in the mail the other day, not brave enough to wear it in public (yet) but it makes me feel like a disney princess (always a good thing)
i've been drawn to really girly colors/shapes lately, which hasn't been my thing since the second grade, but whatevs
the times they are a changin'
wedges:american eagle from forever ago, dress: vintage ebay find, belt: h&m last year, records: tag sale



the mail finally came!!! yes for ebay/etsy (boo for my wallet)
i got my chloe ballerina flats at last!!!!!! they are more than perfect, i cannot wait to wear them (and i'm already searching for more chloe shoes for cheaps...not so easy to do, but thank god there is ebay!) i also got an adorable vintage dress that i'll post up soon ;)
i sketched these outfits, mostly stolen from thecherryblossomgirl (lovelovelove), and this is what i want to wear right this minute! girly and classic details on vintage pieces, if only my pockets ran deep, lol
i'm feeling a whole lot better than i did yesterday, i went to bed at 7:30 and woke up this morning at 6:30, 11 hours of sleep might just be a personal record for me! but i seem to be almost fully recovered, physical and mental exhaustion can be remedied with a marathon sleep session!
as always,
the bandit
(p.s. how is the header for the blog? i keep changing it, i can't decide how it would look best)



today was not so fun, i'm exhausted, annoyed with high-school drama, and just want to have a perfect day for once! plus i just got my senior thesis ( a required 8-10 page paper on the topic of our choice, graded by a random selection of faculty, even those who are not teachers....gah!) back and was totally train wrecked in the grading process (i know my paper wasn't perfect but SERIOUSLY?!? even my advisor said that i was screwed over!)

on a lighter note, the day was beautifulll, and all i want to think about is the sunset and laying in the grass under the shade of my favorite tree, with my favorite book
these photographs were taken by me with a handmade pinhole camera, google it and give one a try, they are inexpensive to make and i personally like the way the photographs come out, a better alternative to an expensive camera to say the least! the streaks of light through each photograph add to the interest, so i intentionally make my cameras with imperfections (please don't take any of my photos without asking, if anyone is actually reading this, because i'm pretty sure i'm talking to myself as of yet, haha)
clothing uploads tomorrow, i swear! been feeling uninspired lately, but i have packages in the post so that will most definitely cheer me up!


happy belated easter!

happy (belated) easter! (slash passover slash weekend!)

hope it was good, still getting over food coma, as you can see by the feast photograph

i coloured eggs with my brother andrew (becuase we are still 5 years old, obviously) and was generally lazy. a successful holiday!


with the wind down your back and the sun at your feet


brand new to blogging, i am genevieve, an eighteen year old student from connecticut in the glorious united states of america
i am becoming more and more infatuated with the world of fashion, vintage and thrift store hunting, handcrafting clothing, photography, and blog reading, among other things! my friends keep telling me to write a blog (hi guys!) so at last i have begun. i am going to (attempt) to dedicate this blog to my discoveries and interests, and hope that i can organise my mess of a mind into something tangible that people can read!
i will try to post a few times a week, sometimes fashion related, outfit posts, or photographs that i have taken, or anything that catches my eye
i am off to find inspiration!
your friend,
the bandit ;)