today was not so fun, i'm exhausted, annoyed with high-school drama, and just want to have a perfect day for once! plus i just got my senior thesis ( a required 8-10 page paper on the topic of our choice, graded by a random selection of faculty, even those who are not teachers....gah!) back and was totally train wrecked in the grading process (i know my paper wasn't perfect but SERIOUSLY?!? even my advisor said that i was screwed over!)

on a lighter note, the day was beautifulll, and all i want to think about is the sunset and laying in the grass under the shade of my favorite tree, with my favorite book
these photographs were taken by me with a handmade pinhole camera, google it and give one a try, they are inexpensive to make and i personally like the way the photographs come out, a better alternative to an expensive camera to say the least! the streaks of light through each photograph add to the interest, so i intentionally make my cameras with imperfections (please don't take any of my photos without asking, if anyone is actually reading this, because i'm pretty sure i'm talking to myself as of yet, haha)
clothing uploads tomorrow, i swear! been feeling uninspired lately, but i have packages in the post so that will most definitely cheer me up!

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