yellow dress, locked knees

went on a college visit today, initially was god awful (i really didn't feel well and i was having a bad day) but it got better, college might not be so bad as soon as i get used to the idea. i'm still kindof in shock about the whole thing though
stopped at a (rediculously overpriced) tag sale on the way home and picked up a few records ($1 a piece, but i wanted them...shame on me) hopefully i will be able to dig through my room and get to my record player sometime this week so i can actually listen to the music that i bought
there's something about album covers that is awesome, they are like little square happy makers
i was digging through the crates at the tag sale and some woman starts rummaging through and steals a whole bunch of good ones, old stones and zeppelin, and i was like gah i want to smack you, you damn yuppie! lol

the crazy lolita-esque dress is one from ebay that i got in the mail the other day, not brave enough to wear it in public (yet) but it makes me feel like a disney princess (always a good thing)
i've been drawn to really girly colors/shapes lately, which hasn't been my thing since the second grade, but whatevs
the times they are a changin'
wedges:american eagle from forever ago, dress: vintage ebay find, belt: h&m last year, records: tag sale


  1. hey girlie! cute dress. I'm loving this blog mucho. keep up the posts! I love you

  2. ps anonymous aka jen Pippy