my fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundations

Hello and happy (belated) holidays! I am probably the worst blogger in the history of man; all the time I've been off so far has consisted of me sleeping in too late, getting too much coffee, and
generally avoiding posting because I wanted to put up something decent before the end of the year! Idiotic, I know, so here I am, with a crappy little self portrait I drew last night at 1 am, just because I was bored, haha.
So, if anybody is still out there, did you get everything you wanted for the holiday? I did pretty well, but I nearly cried when the boots from anthropologie came out of their pretty white box and refused to go on my not so pretty giantess's feet...I warn you to order a size up if anyone was intending on getting them! I think they are marked a 40, which is a 9 (I think) but the store says that is a ten...which means I can't even exchange them for a bigger size because they don't come bigger...bahh it makes me so mad, they were perfect! Someone please cut off my toes so I can wear them? Yes? No? Alright I'll just exchange them for something nearly as awesome...bah.
OK, I won't make any promises that I can't swear by, but I am pretty sure that I'll be better at this whole blogging thing in the new year! Look, a resolution that I can keep!
If I don't see you, happy end-of-the-first-decade that I can actually remember (I was too young to truly remember the nineties, haha). And I'll be turning 19 on January 10, can you believe it? The end of my teenage years is a year and three days away...that's so depressing!
p.s. I got some much needed itunes giftcards and last night at around 3 am I bought myself the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack-go out and do it too, it's awesome! And that isn't even the sleep deprived crazy girl talking, just listen to it, it's great :)
UPDATE: here's another drawing I made the other night, this time of my friend jen, who is my most stylish, world-traveling, cool friend :)


  1. Hey vivo! C'est moi! Jen! I miss you! Sorry to hear about the shoes. Gotta love Lily Allen's lyrics. How have you been? I'm around the tenth, so you should have a bday party and I'll definitely be there! I hope college is going well. Its strange that we haven't talked. I apologize for being such a crappy friend. Facebook me your college address and I'll surely write letters! I love you! and your blog!

  2. heyy! aww thanks girl, i'll facebook you my junk, lol
    yes! i was thinking of doing something for my birthday, i'll def let you know!
    gahh i know, it's like this semester flew by but i didn't do a good job keeping up with anyone either, so don't worry :)