these boots are made for walking

Do you guys have a place that no matter when you go, you always leave with something amazing? I do, and although I've only been there three times, each time I've left with a treasure, and for really cheap too!
Today I was able to cross off that long-awaited wish list item, the perfect fall boots! I initially didn't see these packed away under a table at my luckiest/favorite vintage store, but when I saw them I literally stopped in my tracks and grabbed them. I didn't even think that they would fit, but they do! I'm so excited, I've wanted a great pair of boots, preferably vintage, for the longest time, and I just happened to find them today! I can already see that these are going to be my favorite shoes, perfect for all the fall things that I'm so psyched about (especially pumpkin and apple picking!). I also crossed off a long awaited fall activity this weekend; attending a cold Friday night football game complete with eating way too many pumpkin flavored things and drinking hot cider. Sooo good.
Oh, and you know what the best part is about these covet able boots? They were twenty cool dollar bills. Now that's a deal ;) So many great fall outfits are whirling around in my head, I gotta go write them all down before I forget!
I think I'll outfit-post tomorrow, we'll see how my brain feels after all the work I have to get through tonight. Yuck, haha.

wow, just went on urban outfitters and found the exact same boots for nearly $300!!!
so glad i got them, lol!


  1. cute boots! i'm looking for a pair of ridding boots.

  2. thanks:)
    keep an eye out everywhere for them, they're bound to turn up when you least expect it!