the girl with the sun in her eyes

Hello hello, I have not abandoned you! I've just been so busy lately! I don't even have much time to write anything here since today is both my little brother Andrew and my Grandmother's birthdays! Instead I have a bunch of pictures of the things I have found lately! Happy birthday Andrew and Nonny!
Here is what I wore the other day; the shorts are new from Anthropologie, only $10 on sale! They're a great heavy weight for cooler days, and work the best with tights. I also bought a plaid bustier and some nail polish, which I'll debut later!
I also got a few vintage plaid shirts when I went thrifting, and I'm almost done with all the apples I got when we went apple picking a few weekends ago.
I wen to the mall with my mom to look for birthday gifts and got these polka dot tights from J Crew, and some makeup from Sephora. I'm really into the heavy eyebrow thing right now, like Camilla Belle, so I got an eyebrow pencil and got a sample of Posie Tint for free! I heart free samples!
I never got around to photographing myself in the dress I got at the NYC clothing show, so here it is! It's a B. Altman 50s dress, with a peter pan collar and sweet little rhinestone buttons, and 3/4 sleeves with a little poof on the end where they tie! I adore it; such a great Autumn dress!

I also ended up thrifting last weekend and got some really good vintage finds! I ended up finding this 50s/60s day dress, an awesome velvet and lace Jessica McLintock 80s dress, and this absolutely stunning sheer dress that may be from the 40s or earlier; I don't know how to date this one, but it's definitely really old! It reminds me of something Chloe might put out; I have definitely seen something like this before but I can't put my finger on it!

Well, that's pretty much everything I've gotten in the past few weeks, and it will be all that I get for the next few as well! I'm going to go get ready for the day (I didn't get up till 11 this morning, I was so tired form the week and going to my brother's homecoming football game last night! They have won every game so far; go Panthers! haha) Hopefully next post won't be so long overdue, and I can actually put something coherent up here for you guys!

Have a good weekend!


  1. everything is wonderful! is anthro having a big sale?

  2. thanks!
    yeah i think that the fall sales have begun, go check it out and see!