paper doll

So, here is what I wore on Monday (and I can't even remember Tuesday, so I'm assuming I didn't wear anything all that great). The dress is vintage, from that same store that I got my awesome boots at (woot!), the cardigan is J Crew, shoes are Chloe (lovelovelove, but so painful, lol), belt is thrifted, and necklace was handmade by my mom when she was about my age! I wear this thing everywhere, and people constantly ask me where I got it/ what it means. I just think it's cool, and it reminds me of mom when I'm away. :)
Other than the obligatory outfit shots, I wanted to let anyone who lives near New York City/ has some free time this weekend to check out The Manhattan Vintage Clothing
! I went last year and it was so cool; basically a bunch of Vintage dealers show up and have booths stocked full of really awesome vintage clothes/shoes/accessories. It's alsmost like a bazaar of vintage! The only downside is that most of the stuff is priced pretty high (dealers plus new york equals crazy prices!) but since the recession has hit everyone hard I'm thinking some stuff might be priced to sell...all the more reason to make it out there for some hard core vintage viewing! Unfortunately there's no photography allowed, but I promise I'll try to sneak some shots when I go this Friday! I'm so excited, and I'm on the hunt for a sweet little blue dress like Liebemarlene posted about. Fingers are crossed that I find some cool stuff!

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