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Hello! So, here's a little rundown of my Friday in NYC. I literally had to run from class to catch my train, so I just grabbed whatever clothes I felt like I wanted to wear and rushed out the door. So I guess I was feeling a bit goth Friday on morning? It probably had to do with the cloudy skies, but thankfully those cleared up as soon as we got on the train! Once we got to New York, I really wanted to see if any of the book stores carried Lula, so after a quick walk through Bryant Park we found a little magazine store that carried it! I finally have my copy of Lula Nine, and it is so great! I love all the red heads; I always wished I was red haired, or at least blond, but I guess I'm happy being a brunette :) We eventually made our way over to the clothing show, but I only got a photograph outside. It was pretty cool this year, albeit a bit expensive. Some sellers were trying to sell 90s rayon floral dresses for almost $200! Considering these are abundant and crazy cheap at Salvation Army, I really hope no one bought them, lol. There were some good deals though, and I managed to buy one really great fall dress, soon to be debuted here! It was crazy packed in there, and I was trying to stick to a list of things I want, but it was difficult to find all the pretty little 50s dresses I had in mind! There was a lot of fur, plaid shirts, and sequins; none of which I have a problem with, but not what I was looking for. The dress I got makes up for it though :) I got home exhausted, but with the new Lula and a great little dress, I'm definitely happy, and can't wait for the next show!
floral dress: fredflare.com, lace shirt: free people, tights: target, shoes: forever 21, bag: vintage coach
P.S. I threw together some clothes that represent what I want to be wearing more of this fall, mainly dark florals and purples and blues. All inspired by the show and Lula Nine. Don't my Lula's look good together? I'll try to channel the inspiration as much as possible in the next few weeks!

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