welcome to college; installment 2

This isn't much of an interesting post, since school hasn't officially started and therefore I haven't even bothered to wear anything other than jeans and a t shirt all weekend, but I wanted to show off my new "home."
I pretty much transplanted the majority of my stuff from my room at home here, although my big cat painting thing won't stay on the wall...bummer.
Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with how it looks, although I must admit that it's all a bit pink, but I like it. I still haven't gotten used to the setup, and not being able to see my family every 5 minutes is a bit of a shock, but I guess I'll get over it once the school year starts...which happens to be 9:30 tomorrow morning!
I'm a pre-med and English major, so my schedule looks a bit stuffed, but I'm really quite excited to get into my routine and see if college really is all that they say it is :)
Ok, I don't want to bore you with personal stuff, so here are a couple of quick shots of my room (At least my half, lol, having a roommate is new for me too! I like it though, it would be so lonely if I was in a single!)
So here's my bed and all my junk...
my little dresser and a bunch of stuff
above my desk...
on my desk (my grandma gave me the baby seal, because she wanted me to have something of hers! so adorable, i love her :)
... and another on-the-desk shot
so voila! there's my room in a nutshell; I might reorganize later in the year but for now it's good :)