so sweet you'll get a toothache

i went back to the thrift store yesterday, because when i was paying for my pink glass slipper last time i saw something that i thought would look great with the slipper, but i had no time to look around so i payed and left, hoping the stuff would still be there next time i came back

thankfully, the little lady i had in mind was still there, and then some! i found this really adorable/really creepy sleeping baby bank (the money goes in the butt...hahaha so weird!) i loved the colors and the thought that someone years ago must have kept this in their nursery, so it now resides on my bureau! this is the girl i saw and left behind, but isn't she sweet? she's a planter of some sort, because she's missing the top of her head. i think i'm going to store pencils in her, lol i also got this little glass owl. and by little i mean he's about 6 inches tall and weighs 5 pounds. but he is cute, a bit haughty looking with his puffed out chest... there were a lot of owls in the store...maybe i'll start collecting them? hopefully not, there's no room here for them! i also added to my little wall of funny things i find; two crochet lace collars (score!) and a luna moth wing that my brother found outside of the health food store. poor thing :(

i also got a bow ring from hot topic. now, i do look a bit odd in my pastels and j crew sweaters when i walk in there, but i swear by the accessories, crazy cheap and colorful nail polish shades, and hilarious t shirts that i buy there. love that store!oh, i picked up an old egg basket, and here are some many coloured eggs in said basket! my dad gets these eggs at a secret location, but they come in shades of blue, pink, green, yellow, and orange, and taste ten times better than anything store bought! they look too pretty to eat

there were some things i left in the store, but i may just go back and get them soon...
aren't these teacups beautiful? i love the pink one, but they wanted $9 each! absurd!

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