tiny dancer

isn't it funny how some things work out, like when you blow something off but end up checking it out anyway, and it turns out to be pleasantly surprising?
that's how it was yesterday, when i was on my way to the thrift store with my mom. i usually check the newspapers for weekend estate sales, but after going to so many that were misleading in the advertisements (a few old sweaters and ortho shoes ARE NOT VINTAGE people, sheesh. don't lie to me!!) i decided that unless i actually go by a sale that looks promising, i won't bother hunting down the undoubtedly disappointing ones that advertise. so that's what i did this weekend; looked in the papers and saw some that might be promising, but blew them off for my trusty salvation army.
so there we were, driving down this windy road, and what do i see? an actual estate sale, and not only that, the exact one that i blew off! we had a crazy parking spot at the end of the road, and had to walk up a steep hill with people whizzing by in their cars. the house had a lot of cool stuff, although there was a lot of playboy in the basement...and sketchy old men buying said playboy...eww...
but other than that i got some AMAZING steals, making out like a bandit as always ;)
the people who lived in this home had a lot of antiques, and i wish i could have taken more home!two photographs of victorian ladies; there were so many victorian styled things in this house!a thick stack of vintage life magazines! i can't wait to read these, they're from the 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60'sa sweet green vintage hat/ headband
two cool vintage perfume bottles
vintage tins
a hat holder and a stapler, lol
some books (i love the covers!)
pretty gloves that go with the best piece of all......a beautiful 1950s wedding dress!!!!!! ahhh!!!too bad no one i know is getting married soon! i need a good way to store this... haha
oh, and here are some of the fabulous things i wasn't able to take home :( oh well, i hope someone else gave them a good home!

whew, so much stuff! alright, goodnight people


  1. Wow, I can't believe all those amazing things. I need to start checking out estate sales!