the summer of '69

where do these items take you to?

platform shoes...

...a leaf and turquoise necklace...

...a peace sign and a mood ring?

the woodstock music and arts festival...although we are 40 years late, haha!
saturday marked the 40th anniversary of the woodstock festival, which i know was romanticized over the years, but, like any good music festival, has become iconic, and i can't help but think if it as a pretty cool event!
my mom was too young to attend, but my aunt did go, and she said it was great, but very dirty and rainy (and they forgot food when they went, so they ate raw corn from the farm, lol)
my mom also let me borrow the ticket she has so i could show you, and this beaded headband from when she was my age
long hair and tie dye; peace people!