midnight d.i.y.

is it just me, or do you always come up with great ideas in the middle of the night? it seems like i always have crazy ideas when i should be in bed, and i end up staying up all hours to finish projects.

this happened to me the other night, and inspiration struck in the form of this button less, too long chambray skirt i bought at the salvation army last week. i picked this up praying for a button down style with an a line cut, but it turned out to be a straight ankle length skirt, missing three of four buttons and pretty frumpy. the material is that awesome, so soft light blue denim that i've searched forever for, so i figured i could alter it, and for 6 dollars i couldn't leave it behind...hehe
i planned on making a knee length a-line skirt with the buttons down the front, and i'm pretty pleased with how it came out! i might add a few buttons (i don't want to flash anyone!) but i wore it to the mall yesterday and it was just as comfortable as a pair of jeans. alright, here's how i fixed the darned thing!
first, i needed to find some buttons! i have an extensive (inherited) collection of buttons, and sifting through these gave me a few ideas. did i want girly white? fabric covered? plain? i ended up leaving the silver button that the skirt came with and adding three other silver ones; it looked the most versatile. i can always change it up if i want!
so i added the buttons, and needing to fix the straightness i tilted the skirt a bit and voila! a-line, haha
i chopped off a few inches from the hem to make it a bit more polished, then hemmed the bottom and...
here we are! a finished, easy to do d.i.y.!
since i'm not too eager to give up my softer colors, i wore the skirt with a linen 50s/60s blouse i thrifted the same day as the skirt. (sorry no outfit shot, it was so gloomy out yesterday!) this was really fun and easy to do, and now i actually have a skirt in my closet that i can wear! haha

p.s. i also thrifted a pair of nylons, haha the package was too cute! oh, and a christian dior nightgown! totally epic!

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