she comes in colors everywhere, she combs her hair, she's like a rainbow

so yes, i did end up going back to the estate sale i was talking about last time, only there were many, many more people! there was considerably more elbowing my way around, but i managed to find this sweet 50s dress/night gown and a big sewing box full of cool stuff.
then, today i went to my favorite thrift store and picked up this adorable little vintage peach pink dress, an awesome pair of italian woven leather shoes, and a pair of sandals that look a bit like saltwater sandals.

the men's shoes fit me great, and they are just what i was looking for in fall/winter shoes! they also make a great clack sound when i walk because the heel is stacked wood. the estate sale dress/night gown is sheer but a substantial material, and i think i'm going to wear it for halloween this year...but what i'm going as is a surprize for now ;)

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