fishtail braids on a sweltering afternoon

saturday i threw on the 50s flea market find from a while back, plus a belt and shoes thrifted from salvation army, and ran myself down the road to the farm house for some photographs, but it was so sweltering and my shoes are a bit too big on me, so i only stayed for a bit until i ran myself back home to sit in the air conditioning!
i've lived on this street my whole life; and i'm extremely lucky to live in a protected historic district so that the fields next to my home can't be touched by new development. i pray that they never let those awful yuppie homes move in around here, and that the land stays protected for as long as it can be! this seems to be one of the last standing old farm homes in the area, and i want it kept that way! this is the home of my neighbors, the one's who have been on this land farther back than i even know. they're both in their 90s now, but i still see them out once in a while

i'm glad that i grew up here as opposed to a big neighborhood, although when i was young i wished for just that. i can always move to a stuffy, overcrowded area, but i'll likely never find another place like my childhood home (and certainly not for a reasonable price!)

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