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My favorite season by far is autumn. I have nothing against the other seasons (besides winter, which i detest...) but fall is just so much better than any other time of year! I can't get enough of the way the changing trees look when the sun is going down; the smell of leaves and woodsmoke and spice. Picking pumpkins and apples and mugs of hot cider, halloween and thanksgiving and staying warm with wool blankets on long car rides. Sunrise, and even better, sunsets...nothing can beat it, especially here in new england where we are all about the change of seasons.
One of the best things about the transition from summer to fall has to be the cool autumn air and the richer colors and cosier layers that serve as inspiration when the world outside ceases to be an oven. The summer is nice, but so limiting because all you want to wear is t shirts and flip flops. Spring is alright, but always seems to be rainy or just a milder second winter. Autumn, therefore, is my season; the one I wait for without fail, until the first leaves begin to carpet my lawn and the neighboring farms again boast of a bountiful harvest.
So, with autumn in mind, I found some really cool stuff at salvation army today, including this sweet romper that I can't wait to pair with knit tights and oxford flats when the weather is cool enough.

i also found two pairs of 70s jeans that are totally rad (yes, i just used the word rad, lol) Now I have a small collection of 70s denim, but I'm still on the lookout for the perfect pair for me.
I also bought this autumnal print at the thrift store for my dorm room, and am debating whether or not I should buy a little love seat sofa that has been waiting there as well...it is absolutely one of the most hideous things I have ever seen on account of the fabric, but it is the perfect size and shape for snuggling up on, and is so ugly it's almost charming. I might just go back and get it for my room at home; for $50 it's a steal. I promise I'll go take a photo of it to show you if I get back there before I leave for school!
I was also having a dilemma with my lack of shelving, as I read a lot of books and will undoubtedly need a storage space at school, but my mom had a brilliant idea to use the shelves from the beautiful cabinet my great-grandfather made, and they are perfect! It's cool to be able to bring along a piece of my family history to college; it's so much more meaningful than the walmart milk crates I was going to use.
Now that I have professed my love for the upcoming season, I need to reassess my fall wardrobe...I'm really feeling the separates thing as opposed to pretty little dresses, possibly because simple single layers are boring me as of late. I still need to pack up 90% of my stuff for the big move, and I have no idea what I should bring! I should be fine though, I just need to sit down and do it and I'll be fine :)

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