the walls came crumbling down

i completely forgot to share with you all the antique sewing supplies that my aunt gave me a few weeks ago! i absolutely love the packaging, although many of the boxes are crumbling with age (hence the inspiration for the post title, lol)
i wish that i used patterns when i sew, many of these tools would be useful! for now they're sitting on the mountain of sewing junk i've collected, which leads me into something i've been thinking about for a while to put up here on the blog... and by that i mean regular posts about the things i collect besides vintage clothing; ie: hats, sewing machines, records...you name it, i most likely have two or more! i sound like a compulsive hoarder, but really i can't resist the history behind an object, and the superior craftsmanship of things from the past when compared to today!

i planned on doing a mini photo shoot with this outfit (the lilac handmade sundress from the salvation army in the previous post, and a piece of ribbon i used as a belt...i really want a bow tie belt!) but it rained...crap. so here's a haphazard shot of the dress/belt (really loving light blue-ish purple and red right now)

i also just totally revamped my wall above my desk/bed yesterday; ripping all of the old stuff that's been up for nearly three years and changing it up with some new stuff, plus these USB lights i got that are little stars, too cute
my cork board collection (here i go again) of things i find, from a robin's egg shell to pressed flowers in the bindings of my childhood fairy tale booksand here is my overstuffed bureau, with two new additions: the clock i got from goodwill (it has the best seafoam color on the back), and a real old princess telephone in yellow, from my aunt! i also have all the old hats from gettysburg, my all time favorite books (lolita, 1984, the jungle, etc...), troll dolls, a vintage train case (one of my first flea market buys, from when i was 10 or something), a metronome, a cameo wall hanging from my grandmother, and the other really old german phone from a while ago!

so much stuff, so little space! my problem is i buy things for my future home, planning ahead, lol

so this post was a mess, but i swear i'll get my crap together for the next one! i already have it planned out..but no telling, it's a surprise!

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