flea market find and a mini vacation for me :)

as i mentioned earlier, i went to a flea market on the 4th with my family, and it was absolutely huge!

most of the vendors were selling really weird things, like socks and sham-wows (hahah) but there was a few rows of vendors specifically market "antiques" that i headed straight for
we got there pretty late and only had about an hour to browse, so i sped through the booths looking for vintage clothing and that elusive boater hat! unfortunately i didn't bring my camera with me, because there were some beautiful old bikes, vintage furniture, and strange little odds and ends that i would have loved to get it money and space were no problem, but i did manage to find one vendor with a small rack of random Hawaiian shirts and this sweet little 50s dress that fits like a dream, and for only $15!

50s dress: flea market find (pictured with a huge fabric cat "painting" that i found in a dumpster a few years ago, because the blue in the dress matched perfectly the blue of the cat's eyes; one of my favorite finds ever!)

sure, that's a bit higher than what i would usually pay at a thrift store, but i've seen similar dresses on etsy and ebay for a lot more!

i never did find a boater, although there were plenty of old war helmets, so my list of things to search for has grown once again!

p.s. i won't be around for the next few days, i'm off on a mini vacation to historic gettysburg with the family! hopefully i'll take a bunch of pics for you all to see, plus i finally caved and bought the negative scanner from urban outfitters, so i can upload my film photos for you as well! talk to you then :)

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