cherry baby

i don't usually wear a lot of makeup, and i rarely wear perfume, but there's something about buying pretty packages and lining them all up that makes me want to wear pretty stuff more often!* i bought myself a pink lipstick and the perfume Miss Dior Cherie, the commercial itself won me over, but it also smells so pretty! here are some of my things that look best with my new cosmetics :) a spool of thread candy colored nails
a big pink bowa pink lipstick a chiffon flower
and a little white mouse!
lipstick: sephora, perfume: dior, thread and bow: thrifted, nail polish: essie, flower: j crew, mouse: steiff
sometimes, the best things in life are small, and preferably pink!


  1. haha its meeeeeee, julia.. now that i told you i look at your blog youll know who i am instead of being liek wtf, anyways i loveeeee love LOVE those black heels you got SO CUTE & the wig actually looked really good on you but idk id be too scared to cut my hair that short too anywwwwwwwyas talk to you lattter

  2. haha, heyy! thanks, yeah i literally dragged my mom to the mall to get them when i saw them online, they're sick!
    lol, yeah i couldn't handle short hair in real life, i'd probably cry if i cut it all off!
    thanks for reading :) talk to you soon

  3. Love the bow, and the mouse, adorable. I always buy those for my cat, and always ending up loving them more than she does, and never allow her to play with them. Haha. =)

  4. thanks, haha i would totally be like that if i had a cat! :)