schoolgirl crush

i love summer and all, but now that the sticky humid weather is here i can't help but think of beautiful fall afternoons with hot tea, fall leaves, and relaxing on campus (maybe i'm swayed by the way harry potter movies always make school seem so awesome, as i just saw the latest installment. it was good but i liked the previous ones more, less confusing and teen-angsty)
maybe that's what drove me to make both of these buys- a white school uniform blouse (that is identical to my old school uniform, only mine was yellow) and a very fall rust colored vintage skirt. there were two other vintage skirts i left behind, one green in a heavy wool, very old, and a blue, but sadly both were very small, and i was low on cash so no impulse buys :(
as for shoes, i did manage to find two pairs of minnetonka moccasins! i had a pair of these when i was a toddler, and they're a totally cool fall-like find. and, for my most exciting win(at least for me)drum roll please...
a pair of chloe heels off of ebay!

i have my eye on another pair, but we'll see how high the auction goes...these were very cheap as far as chloes go, about as much as a new pair of heels from urban outfitters, and so far the other pair are low as well...i'm becoming addicted to ebay and all the great chloe shoes i seem to find! but if they're in my budget and miraculously my size, they are so mine

i also want to make a promise to start posting more regularly and less erratically, which will a)force me to actually wear something other than jeans and a t shirt every day, b) try a bit harder to put myself together for "photo shoots", and c) not leave any readers wondering if i fell into a black hole! i hate when bloggers don't update frequently, but i'm a big hypocrite! lets say that i pinky swear to post at least 3 times a week? if i get on a schedule of posting i'm sure to stick with it :)


  1. oh, wow! i love your finds, each and every one :D! i'm after a pair of those minnetonkas myself! i'm also loving that little globe of yours...it's all so lovely :)

  2. thanks, i need to do a proper outfit post sometime in the near future!

  3. Great finds!!!I especially love that white peter pan collar blouse. I was thinking about getting one myself and now seeing yours def inspired to go and get one too.Love the blog , super cute!!!