black and gold

how was you weekend? mine was spent watching fireworks, going to a humongous flea market (that had very little vintage, sadly, but i did get a steal of a dress that i can't wait to show off), hanging out with my family, and eating wayyy too much! i did get a few things this past week that i haven't shown you yet, so here it goes...

shorts: salvation army, hat and shoes: forever 21

usually when i go thrifting, i see things at a glance, pick them up, and then toss them when i'm in the checkout

sometimes, the cut doesn't seem too flattering, or i don't like the color, or i'm low on cash (most likely, lol)

but then sometimes i go home and think about what i left behind, and realise that damn! i've been searching for something just like that and i let it get away! usually when i come back the whole store has been rearranged and whatever i left is gone, but this time i lucked out! these goldenrod shorts are very similar to an old h&m short that i wanted but couldn't find anywhere, and i didn't realise it until i got home and had that "oh crap" moment, but thankfully they were exactly where i had left them! and they go too perfectly with my new hat and shoes that as alix pointed out ( lol, i ran out and bought these as soon as i saw them on her blog, they are way too badass to pass up!) look a whole lot like the chloe sevigny for opening ceremony strap heels, but for a LOT less

the golden color of these shorts happened to be the same as of one of my new urban outfitters dresses, and since i bought a wig to try out a shorter hairstyle without actually cutting my hair (i'm too chicken to ever do anything drastic) i decided a mini photo shoot was in order! hat and shoes: forever 21, dress: urban outfitters, belt: thrifted, bow tie: vintage fashion show in nyc (i put it on a necklace though)

i hardly recognise myself! for now, a wig is as far as i'll go for experimenting with my hair for now, lol

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