bathing beauties in black and white

the first day of my trip i went into an antique shop expecting for there to be war memorabilia and nothing that i would like, but the place turned out to be huge, with tons of booths full of vintage randoms, and in the back of the shop there were piles of old photographs taken in the 1950s by a local photographer. i rummaged through them and picked out the best to show you all; summer inspiration! i especially love the girls who wore heels for their photograph, so funny.
and the girls are all too cute not to show off :) i also snagged these ladies in their adorable outfits; the first girl reminds me so much of lolita, i love the middle girl's shoes and expression, and the last girl's shorts are great!

i probably should have saved some of these to show off later, but i felt like they all needed to stick together! i'm really craving all of these looks now, haha!

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