back in action

i'm back!
our trip was both good and bad, so i'll give you all a rundown of what occurred

the good:
1)sleeping on the long ride up (6 hours)
2)going to all the cool historic sites
3)looking at the architecture around town
5)having beautiful weather
6)looking through all the little antique stores and thrift shops and buying not too many pretty little things

the bad:
1)doing nothing during the 6 hour car ride
2)having faulty bathrooms in the hotel at midnight
3)fire alarms in the hotel
4)having our hotel room ROBBED of my mom's camera, totally an awful and unsettling thing to know that someone has all of our vacation photos...ugh
5)bike week...so damn loud and obnoxious!
6)my mom also got stung by a bee, she was cursed or something! seriously WTF

aside from the obvious awful stuff that happened, i managed to have a nice time (because i was determined too, lol, we haven't been on a family vacation in years)
and i also managed to find a few cool things for the blog/stuff that has been on my wishlist for months that i'll show you later (my camera batteries are dead, lol, charging them right now)

i did get to finally test out my negative scanner today, and it's awesome! i'm super psyched to be able to convert my own negatives just like i did in high school, and i quickly did a little test run with the negatives from the 4th of July fireworks and the carnival (sorry the pictures are messed up, this was a test drive to see if my little pinhole actually worked with fireworks!)
these aren't that awesome in quality, but i'll keep experimenting in nighttime photography with my pinhole camera, and i'll definitely post more of my work soon!

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