new shoe debut

this is what i wore today, a day i spent at borders bookstore with a big stack of foreign magazines and a glass of iced mint tea. i bought two books, jude the obscure and far from the madding crowd, both by thomas hardy (one of my favorite writers)
dress and belt: thrifted many months ago
vintage barrette: a traveling antique clothing expo thing, pretty cool

chloe heels: ebay
sorry about the gloomy face, wasn't wearing any makeup for these (yikes!)
and here's a (poorly done) shot of a little garden gnome who watches over our little pet cemetery...
sounds creepier than it is, i swear!
since i can't have dogs or cats due to allergies, we've always had pet hamsters, and they are mostly all buried in my front yard, with the gnome as a guard!
...although there was an old woman whose house was on our property until it burned down while she was asleep cooking a thanksgiving turkey; spooky! we still find old shards of china in the yard, but if she is a ghost she must be a friendly one, because i feel quite safe and happy at my home :)

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