it's the vibes, man...

i am so exhausted; yesterday my brother, mother, and i spent 7 hours at the HUGE outdoor music festival, the gathering of the vibes! i had no idea what to expect because i've never been to anything quite like it, but ere's a rundown and picture representation of what went down!
*smelly people
*drunk people
*high people
*good music
*good food (asian tofu, noodles, and rice, yum!)
*naked people (so many naked/ high girls, gah!)
*a dead body (no lie, someone died!)
*hippies...so many hippies
*unwashed drunk old men hitting on me...apparently i have "eyes like a husky" and the guy also asked me why i am so pale...umm, because i'm part irish?
*coming home smelling like a hippie (sooo gross, but so worth it)

ok, enough with the talking, heres some pics

the front gate hippie van! me looking a bit scruffy, haha
me and my little bro! squinty eyes = smoke and sun
right next to the stage
the aftermath, soooo much mud, smelled like a barn/bar/soooo icky
man in a weed costume, with the cops!! so freaking hilarious
a weird alice in wonderland type installment

awesome day, thanks so much mom for taking us, your the best hippie mother ever :)


  1. I googled something about the Vibes and your post came up. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. GOTV is always a good time!

  2. cool, thanks for leaving a comment to let me know!
    i totally want to camp out next year for the full experience, it was a blast!