thrifting gold

right now i'm sitting in my room, listening to all my beatles albums on my record player after a long day of doing nothing, but i wanted to show you all my finds from yesterday! i finally made it to the salvation army, but only after spending wayyy too long shopping for football equipment for my brother. but i guess i deserved it; i drag him along to thrift too much, and it was payback time :)
i only had an hour to look around, and i was amazed at how much stuff i got that was actually quality and vintage!
tons of 50s, 60s, and even 70s stuff! i never have such luck, it was as if an old house was cleaned out and all the great clothes were just shipped to salvation army! the goods include, from the top, a sheer purple 70s dress, a 60s shift dress, two 50s house dresses, a 50s lavender sundress with white lace trim (swoon! so glad this one fit, i would have seriously cried), 50s/60s high waisted skirts, an 80s cream linen shirt (a lot like the pink 50s one from this post), and a stack of 30 old records (hence me listening to them right now, haha)
so i left with a huge bag of awesomeness, and all for like $40, which is what, a shirt at a store in the mall? too good, thrift stores, you are my goldmine
(my feet aren't two different sizes, i was lifting up my left foot a bit and it came out looking like i have a monster right foot and regular left! lol)
i also got a bunch of mail, including a package with these wonderful cut out 70s sandals from etsy, and a sweet postcard from one of my best friends, jen, who was in paris for nine days! she's such a world traveler, i would love to just drop my life and go off to europe with her! and she said that she visited some thrift stores while in the city...damn, parisian thrifting? that's what i call ECSTASY

for now, i'll live vicariously through her and her adorable handwriting, and save up for my own plane ticket to a foreign land...if i stop spending all my cash on clothes, that is!


  1. wow what a great haul! i love all of the dresses especially <3!

  2. i can hardly believe how good the finds were myself! haha

  3. How great that you are giving a great home to those fabbo clothes! They probably were all from the same home. Bet they're glad to still be together!