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~sorry for the lack of posts; i've been so caught up in traveling to different camps for my brother that i haven't had the time or energy to sit down and put together a decent write up! now that camp is over (for at least this week), and since it is beginning to rain outside anyway, i thought i'd show off some of the new goods i got since last time ;)

first off: the thrifted finds

*just a small selection of the INCREDIBLE finds from a day of thrifting last week, these are by far my favorites! the first dress has a beautiful sheer embroidered top half and then a green swiss-dot skirt. i'm pretty sure it's from the 60's or 70's, and the tag says it's saks fifth avenue, pretty cool. it's so delicate looking! and too small for me...damn, lol *my other two favorite thrifted finds are the light pink linen hand-embroidered blouse and pale yellow high waisted shorts, both from the 40's or 50's. salvation army was having a very good day! haha. unfortunately (again) the shorts are too small, and i'm not the biggest fan of pink clothes on me (even though the pink and yellow blouse and shorts combo look adorable!) i'm just going to have to dress up one of my human barbie dolls (aka my friends, hi guys!) and take some pics of the awesomeness that is this selection of vintage!
(sorry for the wrinkles, i have to keep my thrifted finds in bags because i have no more closet space! i'm a total hoarder now, and i really need to open an etsy shop to unload some of this onto you guys, lol)
all thrifted clothing: salvation army (lovelovelove)

next up: etsy packages

*i lovelovelove the prints on these two dresses!!! (i'm so sorry, i forgot what the names of the shops were that i purchased them...usually i browse etsy and just send the link to my mom if i like something, and sometimes she surprises me and buys me what i want! only thing is i can't go back and find where they came from...i should keep better track of that)
both dresses are from the 50's, and i absolutely adore the little belt-like bow on the yellow dress! and the tiny purple floral with the scalloped neckline on the one below! i had to mend the yellow one because the stitching thread had gone to dust, and the purple one is a bit too long, but i'm scared of altering anything beyond a few minor repairs! too chicken to mess with an object from the past, i suppose. oh and i guess yellow is my new favorite color? seriously EVERYTHING i've been buying has included something yellow, i'm like an addict!
50's dresses: etsy (?)
and lastly: the regular store purchases
* a floral bustier! i don't know if i have the courage to wear this one out in the daylight, but it was on sale...haha, excuses excuses. maybe if i find the right bottoms to wear i can dare to venture out with this baby.
floral zip-up bustier: urban outfitters sale
*oh, surprise surprise, TWO new floral yellow dresses...i have a weakness for this, i must refrain from buying any more yellow dresses! although they are oh-so perfect with the sunny weather...i really do love the versatility of the darker yellow dress, great for any season, and the print on that top dress! liberty is to die for. now i'm sounding vapid and clothing obsessed, but heck it's what i do ;)
yellow floral dresses: urban outfitters*a couple of headbands in pastel hues, a tiny music box that plays "hey jude", and a bright red lipstick that smells of vanilla icing; i do love the little pretty things in life
headbands: j crew, lipstick: urban outfitters, music box: borders bookstore

*the rachel comey for urban contributor oxfords! so beautiful, the details had me won over in a second flat. i don't want to get them dirty though; i always ruin light coloured shoes! for now they're protected in their sweet little sparkly box, but i'm going to break them in soon i hope!
oxford heels: urban outfitterswhew! so i guess i did find a whole lot of good stuff this past week, and even more besides that i haven't gotten to photograph for you all yet! i promise that there are some wacky, pretty, or down right classy pieces that i can't wait to show off! (a peek at my ever-growing vintage/thrifted finds!)

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