the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

the last few days i've been at my college orientation; i can't believe how fast time goes!
i feel like i only just began the process to go to high school, and i am already moving on to college! i'm excited to start school; meeting new people, seeing things differently, and living on my own for the first time are things i'm looking forward to most in a bittersweet kind of way :)

the university i am going to is really quite close to my aunt's house, where she has the old volkswagen bus of my dreams if i so choose to take it and restore it!! (exclamation points galore on this post; as you can see i am so psyched for everything! haha) yay graduation gifts!!!

it's fairly beat up and rusted, but i haven't seen a more beautiful pile of junk in my whole life!dreams of driving cross country, and maybe even across europe, in one of these fine pieces of machinery has crossed my mind more than once the past few years, but i don't have the money to get the bus back into drive-able, safe shape at the moment (much less the money to fund an extensive trip)

and then there is the whole issue of the drivers licence...i'm 18 and have yet to go take the test, but that is on the top of my ever-growing to do list, of course!
for now my dreams of being a pseudo-hippie have to wait i suppose, but someday i will drive this fantastic vehicle!
we walked through her house, which at the moment is gutted for renovations, and on the way out we passed a beautifully wallpapered room, and i had to get a snapshot of it! it totally reminded me of this great handmade vintage dress i just bought on etsy (random change of topic, sorry guys!); it's a really flattering cut and it is yellow! doesn't it remind you of the wall? and the 60's/70's? it even matches my bus; isn't that weird? i'm still on the hunt for the quintessentially 50's pale yellow summer dress, but for now i'm really happy to have this addition to my growing vintage/handmade wardrobe!
summer only started this past weekend, but fall will be here in no time, and i can't wait to get on campus and show my new school what i am all about :)


  1. Escapin through the lily fields
    I came across an empty space
    it trembled and exploded
    left a bus stop in it's place
    the bus came by and I got on
    that's when it all began
    there was a cowboy neal at the wheel
    of a bus to never-ever land
    Greatful Dead

  2. I would love to own a camper van, in fact I think that's a distant ambition of mine. I would make it so cosy and lovely and fill it with silly little antiques.. then drive it to the most beautiful places and just forget about everything else. Ah! Lovely dress, it really is such a satisfying feeling, adding to your vintage collection :)

  3. oh yes, i dream of traveling like that someday soon! my additions are taking over my room though; i have bags full! i really do need to set up an etsy shop...