life goes on

i'm officially done with highschool, and summer couldn't come sooner!
so far for my first week of break i have slept, bought books and gone thrifting, which is all i could ever want!
i don't feel like writing a book like my last post tonight, so here is the awesome stuff i've found in the last week or so, plus a few non-thrifted/vintage finds that i couldn't resist :) i got some really great stuff that i've been excited about, so here it all is!

* this is my bureau, which among other things (some of my favorite books, thrifted metronome, train case, and troll doll!) my new phone now sits! i need a plug converter thingy, and i hope that it doesn't burn my house down, but hopefully this beauty will be fully functioning soon! making phone calls, which i normally hate to do, seems so much more glamorous and bearable when you get to talk on a phone like this
phone: local thrift store

* i thrifted a floral dress/top (more like a top, but we shall see) i think this will go great with denim shorts when it's hot out (send me the hot weather please!!!) florals are really winning me over lately, and i feel as though i'm turning into a crazy grandma character...which is fine with me as long as no one objects! lol
top/dress: salvation army thrift

*dress in the above and below photos is another of the floral finds that i just couldn't leave on the racks; look at it, the collar on this is just amazing! i'm pretty sure this was a kids dress, and i'm not sure how to pull the lolita look off yet, but this sure would make for a good start. maybe with more adult pairings i could get the gumption to rock this...we shall see
dress: salvation army thrift

*i got this silk scarf on sale, so it was only 50 cents! i've always wanted to try out the whole mysterious girl with a scarf in her hair look, so i'm googling tutorials and pics. any tips on how to wear this? it's far too pretty to just sit on my dresser!
silk scarf: local thrift store
*high waisted shorts in a great chambray blue with white stripes! really comfy and great for summer, of course
shorts: local thrift store
*finally, a pair of shoes that fit! i almost didn't notice these guys, but thankfully i snagged them as i was checking out at the salvation army and they fit perfectly, plus they are almost twins to a pair i wanted off of etsy! awesome luck, and so so comfortable (and the name "Cobbie Cuddlers" makes me laugh every time, haha)
70s platform sandals: salvation army thrift
*my brother needed a beside clock, and this one just looked to cool not to get. it almost looks like something off of urban outfitters. i got him a john cougar cassette to play, since i doubt my house has any. jack and diane will play constantly this summer, of course!
clock and cassette: local thrift store

*and now for the non-thrifted finds, (another!!) floral dress, this time from forever 21, and a great pair of shorts from h&m.
dress: f21
shorts: h&m

*these two machines are really awesome, i'm so glad i found them! the crazy futuristic machine below was in a cabinet that i really didn't need, and after i asked if i could just take the machine, i took this home along with two boxes full of parts and manuals! EPIC WIN FOR ME. ok, happiness rant over. when i told the thriftstore lady that i wanted machines she went in the back and got me the blue machine up top, and since it lacks a foot pedal i got everything for $10!!! so much happy, so much happy! these two do so much more than my grandmother's singer, so i can do a lot more with sewing. cannot wait to start a project with these!

* finally, i got some sweet...floral...fabric for a dress i've been thinking about making for the last few weeks. i got a few baby sized buttons as well, not sure what they will be a part of but i love the color!
ohh, so many good things to find, so little time!
your friend,
the bandit ;)

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  1. i am green with envy over that alarm clock/tape player combo! AWESOME find :D! cute sandals too.