miles from where you are

WARNING: another massive essay post, sorry guys i guess i really like to write! good things ahead though, i promise!

this is the last week of my high school career, and it still hasn't hit me yet. i'm not quite sure it will hit me; i'm always good with goodbyes (maybe because i don't believe that i will never see people again, although that seems to be the case sometimes) and don't get emotional over these sorts of things, but i can't believe that the supposedly "most fun part of my life" has passed me by already (and it was not what i expected!)i'm excited for college to start, and being a freshman will be so strange since i never was one for high school! (my middle school went up to 9th grade, and i was a new sophomore)
i have a feeling that the connections i made in high school, especially those with my teachers, will be something that will never happen again, and that is what i will miss the most

i don't think any professor will care as much about me and my education as some of my teachers have, but i guess that's part of growing up...

OK, less about nostalgia and more about the cool stuff i found yesterday! the day started off great because i got to sleep in before class ( i was up mad late making a dress at my grandmothers house)

on the way to school, there were literally dozens of tag sale signs up, and i was thinking this could be a lucky day...

my mom and i stopped at an estate sale at the house i have been drooling over for years, this gigantic Victorian thats really creepy but awesome at the same time, and i couldn't believe my luck that we were able to go inside and look around! the "sale" was a bust, but being able to see the home was totally worth being late to math class!

after school, we went to a flea market that was packing up. i was upset at first because i felt so rushed, but at one table i found this perfect old Kodak camera for $5, and with film inside! i can't wait to get the film developed to see if the pictures come out, super happy about this one!

then we went to the salvation army (my new home, i swear) and i found an AWESOME (and by awesome i mean absolutely ridiculous/i secretly want to wear this thing everywhere) tie-dye romper, a floral romper, and the sweetest little blue and white 60s-70s dress!

the day ended at my grandmother's finishing up the dress i'm (attempting) to make, and a good long sleep! the perfect day, if you ask me ;)


  1. congratulations on graduating :)! what awesome finds! i'm loving that little blue dress, it's adorable :D

    <3 Mars

  2. thanks so much! the dress is perfect for these cooler days of summer, i can't wait to wear it :)